Don’t give up on your business ideas too quickly

university-of-bern Rejeection LetterHave you got a ‘rejection letter’ against your ‘radical’ ideas (visions, books, projects, and so on)? Einstein too got this thing. He got a nicely written letter (see theĀ letter on the left side) calling him ‘Out of Touch’.

However, rejection had never stopped him.

He became a genius the world has been celebrating for decades.

What about your business ideas? Have you given up on your unique and artistic business ideas because people are calling them too radical and impractical?

Reconsider your decision.

Use this letter as a reminder that your today’s artistic and radical ideas will be celebrated by millions tomorrow if you don’t get discouraged because people have rejected them. If you don’t give up on your great ideas too soon, you will see them bear fruits in due time.

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