Self-mastery: The first step to achieve your dreams

MountEverestMount Everest stands tall as the world’s highest mountain at 29, 029 ft. Out of billions of humanity, a little more than 4000 people have stood at its top. Many of these climbers prepared for years, or at least months, before stepping their feet near to this giant creature. They knew what was at stake! Close to 300 people have died so far attempting to climb this gigantic mountain. Those who climbed Everest had disciplined themselves first- they did their homework prior to taking on Everest.

Here is a paradox. Many of us don’t believe that we could actually able to climb the world’s towering mountain. And therefore, we don’t bid to try at all. But, almost all of us have had ‘mountains’ in life that we would like to climb. What is (are) your mountain (s)? Of course, your mountain is different than someone else’s. Many of us may be ambitious and our mountain in life is grander than Everest. There is nothing wrong in being ambitious as far as we are willing to match our efforts with the size of our dream.

For that matter, some of you who are reading this blog might have already climbed your DREAM Mountain and retired. Some of you might have already climbed that giant mountain (s), and now look forward to conquer another one (s). Some of you might be climbing it and very close to the top. In all cases, congrats! You’ve done your homework, and now you’re reaping the benefits of self-mastery.

For those of us who haven’t begun yet or at the base of our mountain, it isn’t too late to stop wherever we are, come down, and regroup and do our homework first if we haven’t yet. It’s okay to restart. It’s a better choice (or strategy) than to reach close to the top and return to the base, or worst, die in the process of trying to climb our mountain because we haven’t first disciplined to control and master ourselves enough. If we review the lives of those who conquered their mountains- like those who climbed Everest, they did their homework first (disciplined themselves) before endeavoring to climb their mountain, which was outside of their control.

A butterfly that is flying high in this ‘brutal’ environment today wouldn’t have made it thus far if it failed as a caterpillar to break through its little, safe, and comfortable world (it’s shell) first. Likewise, to be successful (climb your mountain) and fly high (like the butterfly), in this highly competitive world, you need to master Self 1st like the caterpillar.

As a coach, consultant, and corporate trainer, one of my jobs is to empower leaders develop self-mastery. Using well developed and tested concepts, approaches, tools, processes, and assessments, I train leaders to increase their self-awareness, learn how to manage their emotions, time and energy, and solve problems creatively and make tough decisions ethically. I strongly believe that those leaders who have self-mastery are the ones that are effective to get along with, and lead others. What do you think?

Unfortunately, unlike the caterpillar, life allows humanity to fly even if it hasn’t yet fully developed and broken through its shell first. It’s common to witness people who haven’t spent enough time to lead Self first struggling to work with and lead others. And when that happens, most of the times, the results aren’t pretty!

Whether you’re a leader or a professional, or a business owner, or someone who is passionate about climbing a ‘mountain’ for fun or entertainment or just to see how far you could climb, if you overcome the unruly and undisciplined inner world first, you will definitely climb your ‘mountain’ in the outside world, which is more brutal, competitive, unforgiving, and deadly.

The question is, do you aspire to be great and mount your own ‘Everest’ one day? Begin with self-mastery! Win yourself first before you attempt to win the outside world. Start overcoming those things that are within your reach and control first. When you outgrow yourself and the little environment you are in right now (your shell), you could fly high and attain your dream. It’s a matter of time!

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

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