No more fingers pointing please…

Since Adam, the majority of humanity has perfected its craft in blaming others or circumstances for anything that goes wrong. By default, many of us have readily available excuses for our failings.

If you’re not convinced, just watch your next couple of conversations, or the conversations of others, especially when things go south. I bet you would immediately discover the main theme of these conversations- Something or someone out there is the culprit.

It’s counterintuitive and against our nature to take ownership of both our successes and failings.

We quickly point our fingers somewhere or at someone when something goes wrong. Very few people point their fingers toward self first. These individuals aren’t naive nor out of touch. Even if there are some compounding factors- people and situations- that contributed for missing some important milestones on the road to their destiny, they understand that the lion share of their failing is authored by self. They are also fully aware of the existence of some driving forces beyond their control that may make their journey toward their destiny rough.

One thing, those who take ownership of where they are in life, don’t do is pointing their fingers toward third parties- things and people, outside of their circle of influence. They deeply understand that the only person they have 100% control is self. They believe that if they master self, there is no foe outside that can sabotage their success. That is why they don’t point their finger outwardly, even toward those apparent challenges facing them on a daily basis. They take ownership and outgrow their circumstances. 

When you stop blaming others and circumstances, you redirect and invest that energy to grow yourself on a consistent basis. The challenge that looks like Mount Everest today melts down (even bows down in front of you) tomorrow if you just decide to outgrow it. Whatever or whoever is standing on your way, ignore it and be busy working on yourself. Before you know it, the thing that frightened you in the past soon appears like a decoy, and you begin to wonder why you scared of it in the first place. 

At Success Pathways, we are committed to work with leaders who are passionate about developing soft skills that empower them to master self, get along with, and influence others…

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