Empower Your Project Management Team…

As I prepare to facilitate a workshop on project management, I thought sharing with you one of the reasons why some smart project managers ask us to conduct this workshop for their teams.

Here is how it works. We customize each workshop for our clients. We ask some questions to specifically tailor the workshop for that particular client. One of the tailoring questions we ask is: “Why you wanted to arrange this workshop?”

Each client has its own specific reasons. “Because I want my team members to understand how project management works” is one of the reasons many of our clients share in common.

These are seasoned project managers. They fully understand how project management works. They know the ins and outs of successful project management.

But, these project managers understand that no project succeeds without a successful team. And, successful team needs constant empowerment.

If you haven’t invested to empower your project management team yet, here are some of the benefits that may prompt you to consider arranging a workshop for your project management team. When they participate in this workshop, your team members:

1.    Capture the big picture and clearly see where they fit in.

2.    Understand their critical roles for the success of the project.

3.    Know the WHY of what they do.

4.    Participate actively (proactively) throughout the lifecycle of the project.

5.    Learn the best way to set their goals, plan to carryout their tasks, efficiently manage resources, effectively communicate with stakeholders, prepare and distribute well written reports, initiate and implement change, handle conflicts wisely, and many more.

If you are interested to arrange a one or two day workshop on project management for your team, let me know…


Assegid Habtewold (AZ) facilitates workshops on project management at Success Pathways. Here is the link to check out the learning objectives of our project management workshop: http://successpws.com/?page_id=1553

AZ has Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree, Master’s in Computer Science, and Doctor of Strategic Leadership. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from Project Management Institute (PMI). Before he began facilitating Project Management workshops, he had managed Science and Research, IT, and Media projects. He is also certified by SkillPath/National Seminars to facilitate their popular seminar: “Fundamentals of Successful Project Management”

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