The Case for Developing Effective Time Management Skills

There are some reasons why many people don’t want to invest their time and resources to develop their time management skills. A few of these individuals think that managing time doesn’t have to be developed. They argue that it’s common sense. What do you think? Is it really common sense and any one can manage their time effectively without putting some efforts to learn best ways such as using some latest tools, processes, techniques, and technologies?

Let’s be humble. We’re not born with mastery of time management. We don’t have the innate ability to manage time effectively. For that matter, we are predisposed to mismanage time. I conquer with Peter Druker- the father of modern management, who admitted, “Man is ill-equipped to manage his time.”

Well, I also met some who are passionate about why they don’t want to develop time management skills. They argue that developing such a skill deprives them from being spontaneous and enjoy the fun that comes when they do things haphazardly. They proudly call themselves ‘Free spirited’. They consider themselves activists who fight for their freedom against the ‘controlling TIME’. They go as far as belittling TIME by saying, “It’s created to serve us, not to become boss over us’.

There are some truths here. Yes, time shouldn’t be allowed to control us but we don’t need to show time who the boss is by winging it as we wish. We can still be our own boss and use time to serve our goals by becoming smarter in using time effectively, and by using it in our favor. The point is: We can still be skillful in managing our time without losing our freedom.

There are others who believe that they perform best when they are under pressure. They proudly call themselves ‘Deadline Junkies’ 🙂 Of course; it is very hard to counter argue with someone’s experience. If they say that they put their acts together and perform well when they are under pressure, well, I would like to trust them. They may perform outstandingly when under pressure.

But, I’m skeptic about whether doing things at the 11th hour is wise even if I’ve the capacity to do so. Yes, I may deliver results just before the deadline. The question is: Can I produce quality results while I’m rushed against time?

Of course, there are others genuinely concerned that they don’t have additional time to spend in order to develop time management skills. It’s understandable. They’re already out of time, and struggling to meet deadlines. How can they spend the time they don’t have with the hope to become better in managing their time in the future?

This reason too is legitimate. Yes, in the short term, you need to put an initial investment by believing that, in the long run and down the road; the return on investment outweighs the time you may put down initially.

What about you? If you’re great in managing time effectively personally, what about your team members and colleagues? From 1 to 10, how do you rate yourself (and your team) when it comes to time management, one being very poor and ten very excellent? If you (or your team) scores less than 7, you need to invest on your time management skills.

Assegid (AZ) Habtewold is the owner and lead trainer and coach at Success Pathways, LLC. He facilitates Time Management workshops. Here is the link to learn the learning objectives of our Time Management workshop:

AZ has been facilitating very interactive and dynamic soft skill and leadership workshops including Time Management for diverse clients using latest adult learning methods. In his upcoming book, which will be published soon, he provides insights, tools, and processes to empower readers develop effective time management attitude, mindset, and skills.

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