Time: Unmanageable? What to do about it?

Those of us who have tried the rat race to manage time and save as many minutes as we could on a daily basis discovered the bitter truth. This race is not winnable. It’s self-defeating.

Attempting to manage the unmanageable led many of us to experience disenchantment, and even frustration. Our attempt to manage time efficiently resulted a stressful life filled with disappointments and burnouts.

Personally, when I discovered a seemingly simple truth about time management, things started to change. It was a humbling experience when I first realized that I don’t have control over time! Alec Mackenzie and Pat Nickerson were on the mark when they wrote, You don’t manage time at all. You only manage yourself in relation to it.”

What a relief! When I discovered the fact that I only have control over my own resources, and myself alone I began to be in charge and able to manage self and my resources around time better. ‘Managing time’ started to be easier. Don’t misread me. I’m not yet there where I want to be, but at least for now, I have a better handle on time than I used to.

What about you? Are you still on the other side of the fence and racing against time or have you crossed over and moved to the side of time, which is, managing yourself and your resources in relation to time? What has been your experience?

In conclusion, we humans don’t have direct control over time. We only have control over ourselves and other resources. Understanding this simple fact is a huge difference maker in our effort to maximize time, the scantiest resource in the world. Once we master managing time effectively, the rest will be easier. This is because managing other resources is easier compared to managing time. Lastly, don’t forget that until you develop a good handle on effective time management, you are at risk of mismanaging yourself, and other scarce resources. Peter Drucker warned: Unless time is managed, nothing else can be managed.” 

Assegid (AZ) Habtewold is the owner and lead trainer and coach at Success Pathways, LLC. He facilitates Time Management workshops. Here is the link to learn the learning objectives of our Time Management workshop: http://successpws.com/?page_id=1569

AZ has been facilitating very interactive and dynamic soft skill and leadership workshops including Time Management for diverse clients using latest adult learning methods. In his upcoming book, which will be published soon, he provides insights, tools, and processes to empower readers develop effective time management attitude, mindset, and skills.

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