Turning Problems into Opportunities

There was a time where I used to pray on a daily basis in order not to have any kind of problem any longer. I felt tired, stuck, and frustrated beyond measure because of the challenges I was facing. Back then, I had a big goal and desperate to make a major career shift. I didn’t know that it was normal to have such a resistance.

Well, finally I realized that, as the saying goes, for every action, there is an equal or even greater opposite force (problem). Not long after that, it occurred to me that in the absence of challenges and problems, my life is actually dull. Since then, I read a lot and finally learned that problems are indications of you’re being alive, and making progress.

At this stage of my life, when I find myself having a free ride without challenges and problems to solve a couple of weeks in a row, I immediately know that either I lowered my expectations (standards), and/or settled for my comfort zone without even knowing it. Nowadays, when I experience red carpet walk in life, it doesn’t take me long to figure out that I stopped growing and advancing.

What about you:

  • How do you (your team) view problems and challenges?
  • Do you hate, resent, and/or avoid challenges and problems at any cost?
  • Or do you embrace problems/challenges, and see them as opportunities than liabilities? Why?

However, having the right mindset and attitude toward challenges and problems is the beginning of a protracted journey. To continually progress and succeed individually and collectively, we need to master problem solving. The challenge is that mastering problem solving (turning problems into opportunities) is a skill that should be developed and refined continually.

In order to tap into our individual and collective potential, pursue our goals, and realize our dreams, we need this life skill. This skill is a competitive advantage wherever you go. People (employers, clients, voters, etc.) desperately look, all the time and everywhere, for people who swim with ‘sharks’ (tough problems) without being eaten alive by ‘the sharks’. They search for people who have the ability to resolve problems and overcome challenges with confidence, grace, and those who deliver results based on sound, wise, and farsighted decisions following the proper steps of problem solving, without violating laws, rules, and without compromising their core values.

From one to ten, one being very poor and ten extraordinary, how do you gauge your (your team’s) problem solving ability? If you scored below 8, you need to work on your mindset, attitude, and problem solving skill.

  • If you’re sick and tired of losing to problems easily;
  • If you’re burned out in cleaning the messes problems cause frequently;
  • If you are stranded more than you should because of unsolved (poorly solved) problems;
  • If your team gets stuck whenever, small or big, problems surface;
  • You need to empower yourself and your team, and I’m here to help.

Assegid (AZ) Habtewold is the owner and lead trainer and coach at Success Pathways, LLC. He facilitates Problem Solving and Decision Making workshops. Here is the link to learn the learning objectives of our Creative Problem Solving workshop: http://successpws.com/?page_id=1473

AZ has been facilitating very interactive and dynamic soft skill and leadership workshops including Problem Solving and Decision Making for diverse clients using latest adult learning methods. In his upcoming book, which will be published soon, he provides insights, tools, and processes to empower readers develop the right problem solving and decision making attitude, mindset, and skills.

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