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Mentoring1Assegid had a chance to present an educational session of 12 minutes on February 06, 2013. In this presentation, he used a metaphor to explain how a mentoring relation between mentors and mentees should be if the desire of both parties is to make the relationship work in their favor. The metaphor he used was how Eagles raise their eaglets.Eagles start to mentor their eagles at the early stage of their infancy. The most important lessons we learn from this relationship between eagles and eaglets include but not limited to:

1. The preparation starts even before the eaglets are born. The eagles build their nests on higher grounds, mostly on top of a big tree or on top of a cliff. That means, the eaglets are born into highness, and they won’t have height phobia (They won’t get scared of heights) when they begin their flying exercise.

2. The eagles have the best interest of their eaglets throughout this relationship. They want them to succeed. The stretch them like by pushing them out of their nest and comfort zone while they are too unprepared but the male eagles catch those that cannot flap and fly by themselves before they crash on the ground.

3. And more…

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