Change before it is too late

More than we would like to admit, we all resist changes that we don’t:

  • Understand or
  • Like or
  • Believe.

Fairly speaking, there’re no people who are born resisters (change haters). Unfortunately, resisting some changes comes with dire prices.

But, many individuals, communities, and organizations did ‘extinct’ (became irrelevant, bankrupt, etc.), not ONLY just for resisting change, but also for failing to discern change and making the necessary changes ahead of the curve.

Many who paid the steep price for failing to be proactive were not stubborn, contrary to what the majority of us think, they were just reluctant for awhile and slow to respond.

Think of all the giants who did extinct from the face of the earth or those which remained insignificant and irrelevant, they did try their best though too late. They woke up at one point, and desperately tried to catch up with change. By then, it was in vain. That is why the former chairman and CEO of General Electric Jack Welch advised, “Change before you have to.”

In the past, it used to be ‘change or you would remain stagnant’. Now, in the 21st C, the mantra has changed big time: ‘change or die!’

It is a choice each one of us should make:

  • Do we want to be proactive and change before it is too late or
  • Do we risk it and hesitate to face the consequences of our negligence?

We can become friendly with change, project into the future, and make changes before they become mandatory…

If you ever want to empower your people to understand the nature of change, develop the right mindset, skills, overcome resistances, and successfully lead all stakeholders during change, let me know…


Assegid (AZ) Habtewold is the owner and lead trainer at Success Pathways, LLC. He facilitates Change Management workshops. Here is the link to learn the learning objectives of our Change Management workshop:

AZ has been facilitating very interactive and dynamic soft skill and leadership workshops including Leading Change for diverse clients using latest adult learning methods. In his upcoming book, which will be published soon, he provides insights, stories, and models to empower readers develop the right attitude, mindset, and skills necessary to initiate, implement, and sustain change successfully.

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