Hard skills and soft skills complement one another- Taken from p. 29 – 29

…Karen looked at her watch and realized that she was running out of time. However, she didn’t want to conclude the current discussion like this. And thus, Karen decided to give the class an example that demonstrates how soft skills supplement hard skills, and their critical roles. Though her background is computer science, she chose to use a simple analogy everybody could understand.

Karen explained as simple as possible. “A computer may be packed with excessively powerful hardware such as a high-speed processor and a large memory chip. It cannot even boot without the aid of an operating system (software) let alone to function and execute your tasks properly. Similarly, hard skills without the support of soft skills are lame.”

It seemed participants easily got the point Karen was trying to communicate except Dan. He seemed confused. “Software by themselves are useless. They need the right hardware.” He protested.

Karen clarified. “Yes, both need each other. Unfortunately, many professionals misplace their focus. They undermine the place of soft skills. They keep on working on their technical knowledge and abilities neglecting to invest in their soft skills.”

International Talent Management Strategist and Coach- Dorothy Dalton, used a relevant analogy to explain the complementary nature of hard and soft skills. She wrote, “Hard skills are the foundation of a successful career.  But soft skills are the cement.” In construction, it’s impossible to have any enduring foundation without using cement. It’s used to glue rocks and other hard materials together to build a solid foundation.

Mostly because of lack of awareness, many undermine the critical roles soft skills play to succeed in their personal life, career, and business endeavors. Very few understood the rightful place of soft skills at the early stage of their career. These are the ones that have avoided paying dire prices that come from failing to work on soft skills, which take relatively long time to develop…


Taken from page 28 – 29 of the book ‘Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success: 12 soft skills to master self, get along with, and lead others.’


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