Present Like a pro (report with some pics and YouTube link)

Five Toastmasters clubs organized an open house on November 09, 2017 at Kaiser Regional Headquarters at 2101 East Jefferson St. Rockville, MD 20852. Here are the clubs:

  • NIH Evening Speakers,
  • DHHS Toastmasters,
  • NIH Toastmasters,
  • NIH Democracy Two, and
  • Thrive Masters at Kaiser Permanente.

In this very interactive workshop for two hours, I pointed out that the following four pitfalls prevent many from becoming successful speakers:


2.Weak performance on the stage

3.Lack of credibility/likeability


Accordingly, my focus within that short period was to help both novice and seasoned speakers in the audience to take their communication competence to the next height by overcoming these pitfalls. There are, at least, two things we need to do to overcome anything: a) Know the cause, b) Find the right solutions. That was why I made sure to talk about the science behind (the facts), for instance, why we experience (both beginners and experienced speakers) nervousness, what are some of the things that may rob our credibility. And then, I shared with the audience how to tackle these roadblocks and speak like a pro.

Below are the four learning objectives:

I.To understand how nervousness is created and how to channel it

II.To learn how to grab the audience’s attention right away

III.To increase credibility and likeability

IV.To recognize the importance of continually growing

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The workshop:

  • Was very interactive designed based on latest adult learning principles
  • Provided insightful facts
  • Was packed with demonstrations

At the end of the workshop, three volunteers used the opportunity to practice what they learned and were given feedback to take their presentation ability to the next level.

If you live or work in the Rockville-MD area, visit these great clubs and consider joining. If you’re not in the area and not yet a member of Toastmasters, check out its website ( to learn more, and also find the nearest clubs in your area. A great way to present like a pro is to find a place where you get opportunities to practice, and there is no any other organization that I know that provides an excellent opportunity to learn how to speak, practice, and get feedback to grow continually than Toastmasters.

If you’re interested me in speaking (and/or facilitate a workshop) at one of your future events, call me @ 703-895-4551 or email me at

If you’re interested, check out the video recording of the workshop by going to YouTube:

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