Myths, Excuses, and Sabotages that prevent the majority from becoming great (Excerpt)

…If greatness is the birthright of all, why then is the overwhelming majority unable to claim its right? These precious people may be like me. I used to think that greatness is an exclusive club- only for a few lucky individuals. Nonetheless, my study uncovered that those great ones before us were like us- ordinary, before they ventured out to unchain their greatness within. They found the secret- the pattern that leads to greatness, and followed it faithfully.

The fact that there is a pattern tells us a couple of things about greatness. Greatness is:

  • Predictable,
  • Repeatable, and
  • Most importantly, achievable by anyone who follows the pattern the great ones followed.

Thus, the answer to ‘Can anyone become great?’ is Yes. Then, one may ask a follow-up question, ‘Why then are the vast majority unable to attain greatness?’ That is a legitimate question. There are:

  • Myths,
  • Excuses, and
  • Sabotages that prevent the vast majority from claiming their birthright of greatness.

There are myths that prevent the vast majority from seeking its birthright of greatness. Many use lame excuses to discount themselves before they even try. There are also many sabotages that hinder those who began this rewarding journey to quit before they unleash their greatness to the fullest. Anyone who could be able to demystify these myths, disown their excuses, and overcome the sabotages is a candidate to unchain his/her greatness and become one of the great world changers…

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