Talent and hard work alone aren’t enough- Michael Jordan vs. Mike Tyson (Excerpt)

Michael Jordan vs. Mike Tyson

For instance, Michael Jordan achieved greatness based on his exceptional gifts, a well-built body for basketball coupled with his disciplined work ethic. However, he didn’t lose it when he retired from playing basketball. He remained at the forth level greatness by working hard as an entrepreneur.

On the other hand, Mike Tyson reached Diligence-based greatness as an iron fist heavyweight-boxing champion. But, he couldn’t stay at this level of greatness. Due to mismanagement and lack of foresight, he struggled financially and eventually went bankrupted. Hopefully, Mike won’t read this story. Otherwise, if he catches me one day, he might punch me in the face and knock me out.

Like Mike, there have been many talented and hard working successful individuals who accomplished this level of greatness. Sadly, they neither stayed there for an extended period nor moved to the next level of greatness by finding a worthy cause. Greatness at level 4 fades with age. It’s seasonal. But, very few catch this reality while it mattered.

Talent/hard work can’t lead to a lasting greatness

Look around you. Many get up every morning to succeed using their natural talent and gifts alone. Sadly, very few with exceptional talent and gifting alone could excel and become successful in their field. The vast majority of talented and gifted individuals toil without success.

Numerous hardworking individuals bet on their willpower. They think that with their talent, gifts, and experience if they just work a little harder than everyone else, they could outsmart and outshine others and attain greatness. However, we have seen it again and again, a fraction of hard-working people secured a lasting greatness.

Talent, gifts, and hard work aren’t irrelevant

A quick disclaimer. I’m not saying that talent, gifts, and hard-work are irrelevant. What I’m saying is that greatness that comes by tapping into your gifts, talent, and hard-work alone isn’t fulfilling. I’m suggesting for you to discover your reason for existence and pursue it until it’s fulfilled. That is the source of your greatness. It’s your comparative and competitive advantage. It distinguishes you. At the end of the day, it allows you to claim your birthright of greatness…

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