The Eight-Steps of True Visioning

LiftingMyHandsYesterday, March 26 2013, I had a wonderful opportunity to share the eight-steps of visioning. I opened the speech by making a point. If we must divide the world right now into three, we will find three categories of people: Visionless, Visionaries, and people in between. I have been in these three categories and I know how it feels to be in each category.

I was merciful (because I was there :-) ) to call people without vision visionless. Otherwise, Helen Keller called them ‘Pathetic’. She said, “The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision”. You will be surprised to know the full meaning of pathetic: sad, pitiful, fearful, and unloveable. Who in his/her right mind would like to fall in this category, and most importantly, stay there for a very long period of time!? These are horrible words…

In my brief speech, I shared with my audience about how it was difficult for me when I made a shift from being pathetic to pseudo-visionary, and finally into the visionaries camp. As a guy from the eastern part of Ethiopia, I used to chew Khat as the majority of the youth in Harar do until this day. Every afternoon, we chew  Khat, which is a green leaf considered in the US as an illegal drug. Of course, it is not as powerful as other amphetamine drugs. But when you chew chat, you enter into a state of euphoria. While you are in that state of elation, you fantasize things that are crazy and unrealistic.

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