SPW’s Newsletter on The Nine Cardinal Building Blocks

The theme of July’s Edition of Herald of Success is “The Nine Cardinal Building Blocks for Continued Success in Leadership”. Let me just share with you the first two paragraphs:

On July 6 & 13 2013, I facilitated two seminars on the theme The Nine Cardinal Building Blocks for Continued Success in Leadership. The seminars were based on the framework I have developed, and the workbook I have written. In this edition of Herald of Success, I would like to share with you the main reasons, which prompted me to develop a framework, and write a workbook about it. These four reasons including but not limited to shortage of well-rounded leaders, the non-existence of a one-stop-window-shop, lack of processes and assessment tools, and absence of a reference workbook to guide mentees.

1. Shortage of well-rounded leaders

Many leadership experts have recognized leadership as a deal maker or breaker. For instance, John Maxwell said, “Everything rises and falls on leadership”. That is so true. Many researches have shown that the crisis we are facing at individual, family, community, societal, and organizational levels are the results of failure in leadership. There is no shortage of leaders. The problem we are facing is the lack of holistic leadership; the lack of well-rounded leaders who are well equipped to wither away challenges, become exemplary, and resourceful.




To read the newsletter, click this link: http://www.assegid.com/Successpws/Documents/SPWNewsLetter_Edition04.pdf

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