Bridging the Leadership Gaps

Many individuals don’t think that they are leadership materials. Rather than taking leadership first to lead themselves, and inspire others to follow them toward their shared destiny, they wait others to lead them. Because of that many communities, organizations, and nations unable to tap into the full potential of their people. On top of that there are barriers that prevent millions from becoming leaders in the areas of their passion. As a result, there exist leadership gaps around the world. The main leadership gaps are the 3Gs: gender, generational, and geographic leadership gaps. Though they are more than half of their communities and contribute the lion share within their communities, women aren’t empowered to take leadership. Millions of baby boomer leaders are retiring and about to retire soon. Unfortunately, organizations, communities, and nations haven’t prepared to fill this generational leadership gap. Compared to developed nations, developing countries suffer from lack of leadership, not just in quantity but also in quality, to overcome the myriad challenges they face in the 21st C.

The keynote aims at awakening the giant leader within each individual, and in turn bridge the leadership gaps. At the end of this speech, participants:

1. Recognize leadership is their birthright and embrace it as a lifestyle

2. Understand the benefits of becoming a leader, and barriers that cram millions from becoming leaders

3. Identify the three main leadership gaps

4. Learn how to bridge the leadership gaps

5. And more.

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