Dying Empty™

Death is a great equalizer. Whether we are rich or poor, whether we are successful or not, we are going to die. Death is also a great motivator. Knowing that we die on any day, it makes us appreciate life, and grasp each and every opportunity we got. Death is also one of the inducers of sense of urgency. Unfortunately, many of us are unable to enter this sense of urgency because of many reasons. This is especially tempting if you’re young and healthy.

The question is how are we going to die? You can determine to die empty. And this speech is designed to inspire you to dying empty, and equip you with some great tips to pursue this kind of lifestyle.

At the end of this speech, participants:

  1. Learn the very reasons why they need to consider dying empty
  2. Draw some lessons from those who died empty
  3. Recognize some of the key benefits of dying empty
  4. Know key factors and steps to dying empty
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