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Our Keynote Addresses reinforce the messages of our Motivational Speeches. Motivating people to believe in themselves, aim high, and achieve great things by becoming leaders and overcoming obstacles is not enough. Becoming successful and achieving greatness, whatever that means to you, requires to lead a purpose oriented, visionary, and values-based living. These speeches are aimed at bringing positive changes in the personal, career, business, and organizational lives of the audience. Below are the most frequently requested keynotes:

I. Bridging the Leadership Gaps™

Many individuals don’t think that they are leadership materials. Rather than taking leadership first to lead themselves, and inspire others to follow them toward their shared destiny, they wait others to take the lead. Because of that many communities, organizations, and nations have been unable to tap into the full potential of their people. On top of that, there are barriers that prevent millions from becoming leaders in the areas of their passion. As a result, there exist leadership gaps around the world. The main leadership gaps are the 3Gs: Gender, Generational, and Geographic leadership gaps. Though they are more than half of their communities and contribute the lion share within their communities, women aren’t empowered to take leadership as much as they should. Millions of baby boomer leaders are retiring and about to retire soon. Unfortunately, organizations, communities, and nations haven’t prepared to fill this generational leadership gap. Compared to developed nations, developing countries suffer from lack of leadership, not just in quantity but also in quality, to overcome the myriad challenges they face in the 21st C. 

Assegid Habtewold has been a youth and student leader of the largest university in his country. He founded PRO Leadership Global in 2009. This non-profit organization attempts to contribute its share in bridging the leadership gaps worldwide. Assegid has a doctorate degree in Strategic Leadership, and wrote two leadership books that aimed at equipping individuals to become great leaders and change agents. In this keynote, he aims at awakening the giant leader within each individual. Depending on our clients needs, Assegid my focus on one of the leadership gaps. He then explains the gap, the barriers that created the gap, ways to bridge the gap, and more…

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II. Purpose-oriented Living™

This keynote introduces you/your team to a lifestyle that aligns those major things you do with your purpose/mission and how that brings passion, focus, energy, and propel you and your team forward to achieve the goals you set out to accomplish. Assegid has been pursuing his purpose in the past two decades. His life never been the same since he discovered his purpose. Everything he has done aligns with his grand purpose. Having this kind of lifestyle brought so many advantages in his personal life, career, and business endeavors. He learned so many lessons as he made major shifts in his careers. He also studied successful individuals, and found out that one of the reasons they succeeded was because they knew their purpose, they led a purpose-oriented living. In this keynote, Assegid shows you how to discover your purpose, make shifts, if necessary, from where you are now- away from your dream spot to where you do things that align with your purpose/mission…

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III. Visionary Lifestyle™

Life without vision is like driving in the dark without light. The world has been changing for good because of visionaries. Individual and collective progresses have been made, thanks to visionaries. If you aspire to change your life, career, community, organization, and nation, you need to become visionary. It should be your lifestyle. To reach where you have never been, you need the aide of vision. To transform your life, career, organization, and community, you need to know how to tap into a visionary lifestyle. Assegid shows you what it looks like life without vision, what visionary lifestyle mean, the benefits of a vision-led lifestyle, and the steps that should be taken to adopt this lifestyle. He also points out some of the things participants should do to execute, nurture, and fulfill their vision.

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IV. Tapping into the Power of Values Alignment™

These days, almost all organizations have stated core values. The majority of these organizations have shared values. However, very few enjoy the full benefits of values alignment. Having great values is the beginning of a long and protracted journey. Your organization enjoys increase in productivity, decrease in conflict, sharp focus, less turn over and more only when you create values alignment. In today’s competitive market, those organizations that are thriving are those which created values alignment where by their people, strategies, products, and services are aligned along side their shared values. Assegid has been providing keynotes, and consulting services to help organizations create values alignment. In this keynote, he helps your team recognize the importance of values alignment, identify symptoms of misalignment, steps to create values alignment, and more. This keynote is designed to provide insights, examples, and processes that would help you align the key stakeholders along side your shared values.

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Please note that we will take ample time to understand your group and tailor-made each keynote to its intended audience for maximum impact. In this regard, we carry out pre-event research, and if necessary conducts informal interviews (in consultation with you) with some of the participants to customize and deliver it to achieve the promised results. We will also follow-up with you once the presentation is over, and if you desire, we will be available to strengthen the results achieved with other services such as trainings, workshops, coaching, and consulting.


We can prepare tailor-made keynote addresses (topical speeches) for the following events:

•   Conferences,

•   Annual Celebration Events,

•   Graduations,

•   Retreats,

•   Special Occasions,

•   Luncheons,

•   Fund raising, and

•   More.


45 – 90 Minutes.


“On March 25, 2015, Dr. Assegid “AZ” Habtewold  was the Keynote Speaker at Take Flight Toastmasters club. The meetings are held in the NASA Federal Credit Union in Greenbelt, MD. Dr. Assegid “AZ” Habtewold  is a very dynamic and charismatic Keynote Speaker. His speech title was “Mitigating Culture Shock”.  He immediately engages his audience and connects with them during his entire presentation. He is highly motivated and interesting. Dr. Habtewold displays a pleasant demeanor and is very polished and poised.  He is very professional and adapts well to any environment. He can be relied upon to fulfill his commitment.  He is very knowledgeable and uses relevant examples in his presentation to emphasize his points. It was a pleasure working with him and listening to his speech. The speech was very thought provoking and with this awareness it will help to reduce conflict in your personal and professional life. I highly recommend Dr.AZ as a Motivational Speaker.”

Dr. Vernia T. Coleman, former Area 42 Governor and President of Take Flight Toastmasters Club

Assegid is a brilliant young man with a very large heart. He is well schooled and knows his material.  Of greater importance is his ability to engage with people in dialogues using key questions to inspire people to think and learn. He has a great sense of humor, understands how people learn, and is willing to go the extra mile to be effective. For a case in point, recently, I saw him in action when he facilitated an interactive discussion on the theme “Values-Focused Consulting” where he shared his personal story, engaged participants, put forward practical examples, and applicable methods. Besides, his experiences in working with non-profits, which he has founded, show how he has been very effective in establishing functioning organizations.

Helene C. Sugarman, Principal, Dynamic Communications Inc.

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