Success Pathways provides one-on-one and/or group coaching opportunities for professionals, business owners, and leaders of organizations and communities on themes such as personal, organizational, and leadership developments. Assegid has been coaching individuals to succeed in their personal life (how to discover their purpose, envision, identify their values, become more self aware, and so on), and in their career and business (how to manage time, delegate, present, communicate, negotiate, etc.). He uses reality checks and measurements to help you assess where you stand, and also provide you tools, steps, and processes as you grow and develop yourself and your team.

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Below are some of the information you may need to know before you sign up for our one-on-one coaching:


  • During the first assessment session, the Coach and the Coachee may discuss and find out whether coaching is the appropriate service the Coachee’s needs. If coaching is the need, the Coachee and the Coach further discuss and figure out the specific coaching needs of the Client.
  •  We have our own Framework called GET LIFE™ to conduct coaching sessions. However, we are flexible to customize it (Or adopt one of the existing FRAMEWORKs) according to the preference of our Coachees.


The coaching needs of our Coachees are assessed during the first free coaching session. However, a Coachee may choose to take some self-assessment instruments, and/or request interviews, and observation sessions before we start the coaching program. However, the Coachee should arrange and cover the costs of fee-based assessments. Based on the results of these assessments, and follow up discussions to analyze results and clarify things, the Coachee and the Coach may identify areas to focus.
There are a number of tools to facilitate effective coaching sessions. The Cochee and the Coach will choose the right tool (s) that fits the issue at hand.
The common coaching duration is 60 minutes and once per week. Coachees can have one or more sessions depending on their needs.
The main means of communication is phone. However, if the Client has Broad Band connection, some or all of the sessions may be carried using Skype. Between sessions, the Client may communicate with the Coach via email to ask questions and clarify things.
Trust is at the heart of the coaching relationship. We are committed to keep the information you share private and confidential. No information, thoughts, or ideas expressed will be shared with anyone except by the express written permission of the Client. Any permission granted shall be obtained by the Coach in advance of the sharing of any thoughts, ideas, and information.
The first session where we assess your needs will be free with no future obligation!

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“Hiring Assegid Habtewold as my coach was by far the best decision that I’ve made during this year. I contacted Dr. Habtewold late last year to catch up and seek his advice on a couple of ministry ideas. From my first pre-consulting meeting all the way till the end of the three sessions I was constantly encouraged to step out of my comfort zone in order to accomplish all that I’m called to do as a rising leader. Assegid is a phenomenal coach…he has the unique ability to see hidden talents and enable leaders to embrace their God given gifts. I hired Dr. Habtewold for a total of three sessions and I was extremely satisfied with his coaching service. I truly appreciated his professionalism as well as his supportive demeanor. Without any reservation I highly recommend him as a coach and consult to others….you will not be disappointed.  

Meron Berhane, M.Div


  • For limited time, you’ll get 10% off if you sign up for 3 sessions, and 20% off for 6 sessions.
  • Our coaching is conducted via phone (Skype) and once per week or twice per month for an hour. However, we are flexible to discuss your specific preference and we may accommodate your choice.
  • Coaching is commonly tax deductible as either a consulting or educational expense on your Schedule C.
  • Once your needs are assessed and you choose us to coach you, there will be a Coaching Agreement Form both the Coachee and Coach will fill and sign.