It’s Your Turn™

1. Do you want your youth/students believe in their uniqueness?

2. Begin to believe that this is their time?

3. Stop procrastinating and start serving their community while they are still young?

All those great individuals in our history began their journey toward greatness:

1. Without waiting too long
2. Regardless of the overwhelming challenges they were faced
3. Even if they felt scared and unprepared. They took that first step of faith, and one opportunity to serve and grow opened for them another door, and another, and finally they finished their journey successfully and left for us great legacies. That first step has magic. That conviction when they said ‘this is my turn‘ and left their comfort zone launched them to a rewarding and fulfilling journey.

At the end of the speech, participants:

1. Consider contributing their unique share while they are still young

2. Commit to step up to take leadership initiatives in the area of their passion NOW

3. Take some steps to start this great journey at small scale

4. And more…

This speech is very important because young people may be tempted to postpone serving others, and avoid taking leadership responsibilities while they are still young thinking that they have ample time ahead of them. They may also keep themselves extremely busy with lots of youth-hood activities without sparing some time to know who they are, their passion in life, and to develop their leadership skills. It is understandable that many young people may feel unprepared to take leadership initiatives according to their talent and gifting. Of course, that perfect time doesn’t come forever. And that is why Success Pathways chose to promote this program.