Follow-up Services

Success Pathways Press recently published two new books entitled:

  1. Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success: 12 soft skills to master self, get along with, and lead others successfully
  2. The Highest Level of Greatness: Purpose-oriented, vision-centered, and values-driven greatness

Here are the links to read the synopsis of the books, press releases, and to download the first few sections of the books for free:

1. Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success

2. The Highest Level of Greatness

You can invite the author if you need the following follow-up services based on the themes or subthemes of the above two books:

  1. Keynote for your events
  2. To facilitate workshops for your group
  3. Individual or group coaching
  4. Consulting

For more, please contact us via email at or call @ 703-895-4551