Outlasting Continual Setbacks™

1. Do you experience setback after setback as you pursue your dream?

2. Have you wondered why such a resistance?

3. Are you tempted to give up on your dreams due to continual setbacks?

This program is for you. It changes your perspective about setbacks. It causes you to embrace them as dues you should pay to actualize your dream. It is a given. If you aspire to achieve great things, setbacks are around the corner. In the real world, we cannot achieve any meaningful thing without facing hurdles and challenges. This demands us to master outlasting continual setbacks if our desire is to meet our personal and organizational goals.

At the end of the speech, participants:

1. Change their perspective about setbacks

2. Embrace them as parts of the process before they actualize their dreams

3. Understand that setbacks are not our enemies.

4. Recognize that they don’t come to kill us but rather to cause us grow and become stronger

5. Learn lessons from those who demonstrated comeback power after serious setbacks

5. Find out what to do while passing through setbacks. And more…

This program is relevant to anyone who is pursuing a dream. Whether you are a student, employee, business person, or church goer, you need it to reignite and reenergize yourself and continue to pursue those dreams you hold dear to your heart. In this tough economy, and a world experiencing continual changes, you are prone to face continual setbacks. This is time to have the right mindset, attitude, and focus you need to outlast those temporal bumps on the road, and live to witness the coming true of your dream.