Purpose Oriented Living™

1. Do you feel like lost and wondering whether you are living a meaningful life?

2. Are you sick and tired of having a compartmentalized life? 

3. Do you want to get ride of a life that lacks passion?

4. Have you noticed in your team/organization a lack of unity in purpose?   

Well, this keynote introduces you/your team to a lifestyle that aligns those major things you do with your purpose/mission and how that brings passion, focus, energy, and propel you and your team forward to achieve the goals you set out to accomplish. It also provides some tips on how to make a shift from where you are- away from your dream spot, to where you do things that align with your purpose/mission.

At the end of the keynote, Participants:

  • Recognize how a life without purpose is reckless
  • Learn how to discover, define, and pursue their purpose
  • Understand some of the steps they should take to make a shift
  • Learn how to align every major things they do along side their purpose/mission in life
  • And more…

This keynote address is very relevant for individual professionals, and business owners. It helps them recognize the importance of aligning every main thing they do with their purpose and passion in life. It is also very helpful for organizations that aspire to align their people, policies, processes, and resources along side their mission.