Press Release: Grad CareerFestival designed to help unemployed Grads land jobs quickly

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Assegid Habtewold is a Featured Presenter in the Grad CareerFestival Designed to Help Unemployed Grads Land Jobs Quicker!

Free Grad Career/Festival scheduled for June 26th-29th from 11 am – 7 pm daily (EST) seeks to help college grads land a job 2.4 months quicker! 36 hours of career advice!


Silver Spring, MD, May 14, 2018 (Success Pathways Press) With nearly two million students graduating from college this summer, it’s not surprising that it will take the average graduate 7.4 months to find employment.   While some of that time is a result of the economy not being able to absorb so many graduates at one time, much of it is a result of the fact that college grads simply do not know how to look for a job!

The Grad CareerFestival is designed to give graduates the fundamental skills they will need in their first professional job search. The massive four-day event will introduce graduates to 36 of the nation’s top career authors and a dozen career coaches, hiring managers, and career experts who will offer strategies on how to launch and lead successful careers. The event has been organized into four tracks:

  • Career Management
  • Job Search
  • Soft Skills
  • Post-Graduation

According to Assegid Habtewold, author of Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success, and a featured presenter in the Grad CareerFestival:

“Research by the National Association of Colleges and Employers has shown nearly 61 percent of graduating seniors either NEVER go to the career center or will only visit once or twice. It’s no wonder then that the average grad thinks the proper way to look for a job is to load their resume onto 100 websites and wait for someone to contact them!   We know, given the right knowledge and skills we can help grads find jobs quicker!”

Each author is offering three tips based on their niche area of expertise. Graduates will learn relevant, contemporary strategies to create an elevator pitch, build their online brand, use social media to land a job, as well as learn traditional networking, resume, interviewing, and job search techniques. Authors will share the importance of creating a career plan, managing their career, and staying current on job search strategies.   The authors will give a 25-30 minute presentation on their area of expertise and then take 10-15 minutes of questions.

Time has been set aside to introduce graduates to innovative online career tools designed to improve their resumes, as well as their interviewing, networking and job search skills. Students and grads will also hear from experts who will give insights how to refinance student loans, manage their credit score, and their personal finances.

According to Assegid Habtewold,

“I’m concerned that college graduates are not receiving the knowledge and skills they will need for the dozen job searches they are expected to have by the time they turn 38 years old.   We are excited about the possibilities of putting thousands of dollars in the pockets of graduates by giving them simple insights on how they can not only find a job quicker but help them launch and lead successful careers!”

The cost to participate in all 36 hours of live career presentations is $67. However, students and graduates that register using the code – Habtewold – will get free access to the four-day event. It’s Assegid Habtewold’s graduation gift to graduates!

Parents, guardians, friends, or extended families are encouraged to share this opportunity with the graduate(s) they know!

Students and graduates can register at:

Participation is limited.

The Grad CareerFestival is produced by TalentMarks, a nationally recognized firm that provides scalable career and professional development programming to career centers, and alumni associations. Participation is limited!

Author Info:

Assegid Habtewold

Author, Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success



Phone: 703-895-4551





For details and interviews, contact 800-849-1762 x 205

Interview with Gabe Hamda

Interview with Dr. Gabe Hamda, CEO of ICATT Consulting. Talked about his personal and business philosophies, what helped him to succeed as an immigrant student and a business owner, how he views and handles setbacks and more.

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Interview with Reemberto Rodriguez

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Interview with Celia Rivas

In this interview, Celia Rivas, Coordinator of Immigration Legal Services of Catholic Charities (CC) explains the many ways the organization support the immigrant community. Some of the questions she addressed include but not limited to: How CC inspires hope and build future (its motto), some of the civic and immigration legal services CC provides, about CC’s Know Your Rights workshops, CC’s employment and adult education services, and more.

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Excerpt- My obsession with greatness


My obsession with greatness

I was obsessed with greatness without knowing the very reason why. Since the early 90’s, I dedicated my life to studying greatness and the great ones. However, I wasn’t interested just in any kind of greatness. My preoccupation was to understand the type of greatness that is fulfilling. I determined to fully understand greatness that sustains and endures.

Let me make a quick confession. Back then, when I began the journey as a student of greatness, it didn’t occur to me that it was my assignment on earth to play my share in restoring the greatness of humanity one person at a time. For many years since then, I couldn’t fully explain why I was:

  • Fascinated to understand the greatness potential of humanity.
  • Driven to conduct research, study, and fully understand true greatness.
  • Obsessed to inspire others recognize that they are greatness material and meant to manifest greatness in their own unique way.

Restoring the greatness of humanity

Nowadays, I have enough clarity. I now know why I was so passionate about true greatness. Today, I can explain why I had this inner drive. It’s because restoring the greatness of humanity is at the center of my life time’s purpose.

Back then, since nothing in me and around me looks and sounds like great, many were wondering why I was even talking about greatness. Let alone to stand up to such skeptics; I couldn’t even convince my own self. So many times, I doubted whether I was the right person to crusade for humanity’s greatness. However, slowly but surely, after more than two decades, I now fully understand why I was preoccupied to invest my time and energy on this controversial and elusive concept, Greatness.

Follow your curiosity, it could be your purpose

What is the moral of the story I just shared with you? When you develop curiosity about something, you should ask yourself a series of questions. For instance, ask yourself whether it’s something to do with your reason for existence. When you have a burden for something, even if others don’t care about it, question whether this could be due to the fact that you’re uniquely wired and designed to:

  • Address that issue,
  • Meet that need,
  • Solve that problem, and/or
  • Fill that gap.

Even if the inward witness you’re experiencing at the moment doesn’t give sense to you and others around you, don’t dismiss it quickly as irrelevant. Even though you couldn’t understand fully why you’re so obsessed with a thing, don’t downplay it right away. Follow your intuition. Give it ample time and check it out. Who knows, this thing could be your:

  • Assignment in life.
  • Purpose with which you serve your community, organization, and generation uniquely.
  • Ticket to attain enduring and fulfilling greatness.

Remember, you cannot attain greatness and get fulfillment without discovering and pursuing your unique purpose single-mindedly. Your purpose:

  • Is your competitive advantage.
  • Differentiates you from others.
  • Sets you apart.
  • Bestows on you favor.
  • Attracts the resources and connections you need to tap into your unlimited potential so as to unchain your greatness entrapped in you…

The above excerpt is taken from the upcoming follow-up book to ‘The Highest Level of Greatness’. The book will be published next month. Stay tuned!

Interview with Tebabu Assefa

The second episode of Pick Yourself Up show: Interview with Co-founder of Blessed Coffee and US-Africa Diaspora Business Council Tebabu Assefa. In this interview, he answered questions such as what drives him, his experience in arranging a Congressional hearing, his take on the Sh*tholes saga, and more. To watch future episodes, go to

Interview on Immigration and Immigrants with Roger Berliner

The first episode of Pick Yourself Up show: Interview with Montogomery Council Member Roger Berliner. We talked about some of the policies affecting immigrants since the election of Donald Trump as US president; what the county is doing to mitigate the impacts of these policies; what are some of the projects and initiatives to empower immigrant business owners, students, and job seekers; and his take on the recent school shooting in Florida and more… To watch future episodes, go to

NEW SHOW: Pick Yourself Up

Pick Yourself Up is a NEW show here on Channel 16. The show is hosted by Dr. Assegid Habtewold, a Montgomery County resident who is originally from Ethiopia.


Pick Youself Up is designed to inspire, inform and equip immigrants, job seeker and those who are experiencing continual setbacks in their personal life, relationships, profession and/or business.

To find out more about Pick Yourself Up or Dr. Habtewold go to Come back again tomorrow to see who will be his first guest.

Pick Yourself Up will be new on Tuesday’s at 8:00pm starting tomorrow night. You can find out other air times on the schedule page at

Gandhi and his values-driven greatness (excerpt)

Throughout history, individuals and organizations that truly succeeded were able to:

  • Discover,
  • Define,
  • Communicate and impart shared values to their people, and
  • Align everything alongside the shared values to experience a values-driven greatness.

Let’s pick one of the great ones from those I’ve already shared with you in part one, and add two more great ones who led a purpose-oriented, vision-centered, and values-driven lifestyle.

  1. Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi attained the highest form of greatness: purpose-oriented, vision-centered, and values-driven greatness. As we already covered in Part I, his purpose was liberating India from England’s colonization. He went all-in and gave his life toward the fulfillment of his unique purpose. He saw a free India and helped his fellow Indians to see the picture clearly. Because of his visioning ability, he could rally millions of Indians to stand with his cause until India was liberated.

Gandhi also discovered certain values that defined him and his movement. He communicated these values and demonstrated unwavering commitment to live up to the expectations of these values on a consistent basis. His top three values were:

  • Truth,
  • Love, and
  • Loyalty.

In his autobiography entitled ‘The story of my experiments with truth’, Gandhi shared his experiments in search of the truth. In the book, he talked about attending many meetings organized by various faiths outside of the mainstream Hindu religion in pursuit of the truth.

His undying commitment to know the truth shaped his personality and the method he used to free India. It made him a man of love, dependable, forgiving, and a servant. He wrote, “To see the universal and all-pervading Spirit of Truth face to face one must be able to love the meanest of creation as oneself.”[i]

He also wrote about one of his values, loyalty. “Hardly ever have I known anybody to cherish such loyalty as I did to the British Constitution. I can see now that my love of truth was at the root of this loyalty.”[ii] His loyalty to the Empire had been before he began the liberation movement. Until then, he “Believed that the British Empire existed for the welfare of the world. A genuine sense of loyalty prevented me from even wishing ill to the Empire.”[iii]

Gandhi led a values-driven lifestyle. This lifestyle earned him the respect of both his countrymen and the British. Because he showed undying commitment to his values, not only did he lead his country’s freedom, he inspired liberation movements around the world.

He fulfilled his purpose, realized his vision of a free India, and attained a purpose-oriented, vision-centered, and values-driven greatness. As a result, he impacted those well beyond his own country and generation. He left an indelible legacy and remains a household name around the world.

[i] Gandhi (1927). p. 463.

[ii] Gandhi (1927). p. 158.

[iii] Gandhi (1927). p. 287 – 288.




This excerpt is taken from ‘The Highest Level of Greatness’ book pages 133 – 134.

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8. The need to see the completion of your purpose
9. Vision has no boundary
10. Four truths about values.

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Four truths about values (Excerpt)

…When you discovered your purpose, you knew your cause. When you envisioned, you saw the fulfillment of the cause from the beginning, and you are clear about the direction you would take. At this point, you aren’t yet done.

You need values to propel your purpose forward, inspire you to remain committed to the advancement of your mission, and to safeguard your vision until it comes to fruition. Here are the four outstanding truths about values that may encourage you to seek a values-driven lifestyle:

  • Humanity shares certain universal values that have kept us together
  • With well-defined values greatness is inevitable
  • Disrespecting values leads to destruction
  • Showing unwavering commitment toward one’s values enables us to outlast setbacks
  1. Humanity shares certain universal values

Humanity, around the world, embraces and respects certain universal values. Animals are led by their instincts without any value. Their preoccupation is survival.

On the other hand, humanity is conscience based on certain universally recognized values. We have witnessed, again and again, many putting themselves in harm’s way to protect and save others including the people they don’t know and never met. In every society, we have countless individuals who are willing to pay the ultimate price for a greater good.

So far in our history, certain universal values could bring humanity together. Regardless of political, religious, cultural, and ideological differences, some regional and international organizations have been formed to protect certain universally agreed values. In this chaotic and diverse world, the human race wouldn’t have survived and co-existed without universally shared values. Rushowrth Kidder, in his book, ‘Shared Values for a Troubled World’ published his conversations with great men and women of conscience around the world. These extraordinary leaders suggested eight universal values mandatory for a sustainable 21st C: Love, truthfulness, fairness, freedom, unity, tolerance, responsibility, and respect for life.

However, universal values require constant renewal of commitment from all of us. In 2003, the then Secretary-General of UN, Kofi Annan gave a lecture entitled ‘Do We Still Have Universal Values?’ at Tubingen University in Germany. He stressed the need to recommit ourselves to universal values that are engraved in the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights such as peace, freedom, social progress, equal rights and human dignity.” He pointed out that these universal values “are no less valid today than when, over half a century ago, those documents were drafted by representatives of many different nations and cultures.”




This excerpt is taken from ‘The Highest Level of Greatness’ book pages 133 – 134.

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