Born to Greatness™

Each and every individual, regardless of its individual circumstance, is born to greatness. This motivational speech inspires participants to pursue greatness in whatever they do. We all don’t have the same passion, gifts, and talents. We all don’t have the same aspirations and destiny. Whatever yours is, reaching that greatness requires you to develop the right mindset, understand why you are wired for greatness, and demystifying some misunderstandings.

At the end of this speech, participants will:

1. Recognize the six myths that have been discouraging many from claiming their greatness
2. Understand the reasons why they meant to be great
3. Recognize the ingredients that predispose them to achieve their unique greatness
4. Know things that may sabotage their greatness
5. And more

This speech is relevant to anyone who would like to maximize his/her potential. This is especially important to the youth and students. However, if adults with young ‘heart’ are also encouraged to consider this speech. All humanity is built for greatness. Everyone is a greatness material.