Part I– ‘Leadership your birthright’ is a kind of foundation that claims that each and every one of us joined this world to lead a distinct path towards fulfillment. Accordingly, it enumerates four pillars that support the facts about leadership as our birthright: inherited, mandated, called, and designed to lead. This part further inspires readers to liberate themselves, overcome the fear of the unknown, stretch beyond the familiar, and avoid excuses to claim their leadership birthright.

Part II– ‘Leadership your life pattern’ denotes that leadership should be a pattern of life no matter what our background might be and wherever we find ourselves whether we are at the front, whether we have formal leadership position, authority, and so on. This part provides the humble leadership stories of the author as case studies on how to embrace and practice leadership as a life pattern.

Part III– ‘Fruits and benefits of leadership’ enlists the fruits we may exhibit and benefits we may enjoy when we claim our birthright of leadership and practice leadership in the area of our passion while using our talents and gifts. The benefits include but not limited to living as original, maximizing potential, becoming resourceful, influencing others, leaving legacy, and getting fulfilled. This part aims at preparing readers in making an appropriate cost-benefit analysis to face and ultimately breakthrough barriers.

Part IV– ‘Barriers to lead’ exposes potential bottlenecks that deter many from claiming their leadership birthright, practice it as a life pattern, and enjoy its full benefits. Some of the most common barriers this part presents include but not limited to religious, cultural, political, and historical barriers. This part offers some insights and leaves individual readers to further make a personal audit and understand the impact of such factors that stood between them, their birthright of leadership, and the chance to get fulfilled.

Part V- ‘Equip yourself to lead’ suggests the nine leadership attributes that could help readers to breakthrough and also realize their leadership potential. They are equally important for both prospect and seasoned leaders. These attributes include but not limited to self-awake, visionary, committed, strategist, communicator, team-player, persistent, character-builder, and lifelong learner.

The last parts– ‘Conclusion’ and ‘A call for stakeholders’ summarizes the main points, and calls stakeholders for prompt actions, respectively. The latter part aims at reminding stakeholders that leadership is a vehicle that helps individuals to pursue their unique destiny and in turn share their parts for the corporate success of their family, community, organization, nation, and the human race at large. This part calls upon major stakeholders to portray their share in raising leaders by helping individuals claim their birthright of leadership, breakthrough obstacles, and get equipped to practice leadership as a life pattern in the area of their passion. This part also suggests some quick and brief pointers that show areas where stakeholders may engage and changes they may make.

To wrap it up, this book is a kind of voice whistling from the wilderness for all humanity to claim its leadership birthright and restore its glory. As the book takes us all back to the basics of life which is our birth into this world and the right attached to it, it needs your attention, my attention, and the attention of all of us so that together we can make the difference in our respective life and beyond. All of us need to listen for this unique voice without hesitation. It is time to give over our ears with our hearts. Let’s read to understand the most important priority for our existence here on earth; and let’s learn not to perish individually and as a human race. It is a must to read book for all but more relevant for those who want to connect time with eternity and get fulfilled in life.