Advance Praises

“For anyone with a real interest in leadership, ‘Redefining Leadership’ is a refreshing read.  This isn’t your regular leadership book. Whereas other books seem to be written for the world of business or management and focus on the development of specific leadership attributes, purport to uncover the essence of leadership, or describe the leader’s role in strategic planning, ‘Redefining Leadership’ is aimed at the ordinary reader who may be just beginning their leadership journey. It starts from a place where leadership is represented as a natural birthright, and proceeds to encourage and suggest the stages necessary for the individual to overcome various obstacles and step into their leadership inheritance. This is an insightful, soulful book with a human touch; a breath of fresh air in a leadership world driven by ‘hard’ principles and a loss of focus on people. If you are unsure of your leadership calling, or are even convinced leadership is not for you, ‘Redefining Leadership’ compels you to think again and connect with your potential to be a powerful force for change in your home, community, and the world.”

Dr. Bramwell Osula (Ph.D.), Associate Professor at Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA USA.

Dr. Assegid W. Habtewold’s book emphasizes that leadership is the untapped heritage we all receive as we join this world. His book stresses that leadership plays a critical role in pursuing the reason of our existence as human beings, and enables us not only to succeed in our careers but also fulfill in life. By writing this small but fundamental book, Assegid wants to help many who have no opportunity to become leaders. His book will launch you on a career path of leadership. The need is global. There are risks and uncertainties. You will thank him for being a mentor. Then you can help him help others.

Bob Krone (Ph.D.), Provost, Kepler Space University, Emeritus Professor of Systems Management, University of Southern California, and the author of Essays for Systems Managers

There are literally thousands of books and articles written on the topic of leadership. Many authors have tried to provide their perspective on how one can become a 360 degree leader. In Redefining Leadership, Assegid Habtewold masterfully addresses leadership from every angle and writes this book to engage readers from every industry. This book digs deep into critical issues ranging from developing character as leader to being a great communicator, which are all important to a man, woman, business professional, or student who aspires to become a great leader. This book is a necessity for every person who desires to not only to lead well in the 21st century, but to take their leadership to the next level.

Lakeisha McKnight, CEO & Founder of the International Leadership Education and Development Company, and the author of GOALS

There are many books on leadership. Reading them does not make someone an effective leader. However, by applying insights gleaned a person can grow in his or her leadership ability. This is what sets “Redefining Leadership” apart from most leadership books. It focuses on the things that matter most and walks you through a process by which you can become the leader you were always meant to be.

Eugene T. Wilson, MA, Doctorate of Strategic Leadership Candidate, and a Pastor

While living overseas for four years, and continuing to travel the globe in my current profession, I have been deeply impacted by seeing the incredible fortitude and strength of those who continue to migrate from many diverse circumstances, some from war-torn countries, abject poverty, or circumstances less predictable than those typically experienced in the United States. For each, it has come out in unique fashion, focusing on the things that precipitated the need or desire for change in the first place. In 2005, I met Assegid Habtewold, one such person of amazing resolve who came to the U.S. to pursue further education, even though already well educated in his homeland of Ethiopia. While receiving that which he came for, I am quite convinced the education has been heavily tilted in the opposite direction, myself having been a fortunate recipient of learning from Assegid’s life, insight, and testimony. While I have found myself in leadership roles throughout my life and career, I don’t believe that I have ever thought about leadership in the unique and insightful manner that Assegid depicts. I believe this book will produce in its readers that same heart and thought-provocation I have received from Assegid.

Patrick Otte – Vice President of Human Resources, Micron Technology

“Redefining Leadership” affirms the God-given birthright of every individual…the destiny to become people of influence for the good of man and mankind. My friend, Assegid, speaks from personal experience regarding the process of self-discovery, personal awareness, perpetual growth, and lifelong learning as we move from passive followers to active leaders within our realms of influence. Parts I and II deal with the concepts of leadership as birthright and leadership as life pattern. The following parts discuss the benefits and barriers to leadership. The final segment of the book deals with the acquisition and cultivation of leadership traits necessary to maintain a life pattern of leadership growth and development. Redefining Leadership is practical, personal, insightful, and inspiring…a must-read for the serious student, a great beginning for the novice, and a breath of fresh air for the seasoned sage. A worthy read!

C. Tracy Reynolds, Dean, School of Christian Ministries, Emmanuel College/USA

Like anybody else, right now, you may be struggling with lack of leadership competence, and the effect might have put you off your leading position. Then, you may have to take time and read “Redefining Leadership” to get back on track and become an excellent leader of your life and organization. Dr. Assegid has been there and completely understands what many of us prospective and junior leaders have been passing through. He writes from experience which makes all the difference. This book, therefore, is particularly important for those who strive to come out of the crowd and become great leaders. The book definitely helps you overcome barriers that may hold you back from becoming an extraordinary leader of your call in life. Assegid also came up with the most important leadership attributes a leader should develop to serve others with excellence. As a ministry leader, I have to admit that I have learned lots of leadership lessons from Assegid. The insights and knowledge I got from him have been very helpful as I lead my ministry. Therefore, it would be a privilege for me to recommend this powerful book to all Christians and my fellow ministers.

Hailu Yohannes, Founder & Executive Director of Hailu Yohannes Ministries

I have worked in the Middle East and Latin America for so many years. I have traveled in other developing countries, and saw the need for leadership gap in these countries. This book is a special book that should be read by young people in developing countries, which have huge young populations who are in need of training in leadership. This book is an eye opener that removes the veil of limitation and restriction so that young people and middle level managers can advance and seize the future for themselves, their communities, companies, churches, countries, and the world at large. This book can be an effective tool for personal, company, and community growth in the decades ahead.

Martin F. Cody, General Manager of AIM International Consultants and adjunct professor of Marketing and International Business at AU, CYA, UDC, and guest lecturer at University of Khartoum, and University of Petroleum and Minerals.

 I know Assegid and worked with him on leadership areas. He is a man who walk the talk and he has done the walking on the path of leadership from the moment he had the glimpse of it and has explored the terrain ever since. He is offering the map to the experienced and the amateur alike how they can achieve their aspirations with wisdom and confidence. He has shade light on the myth of leadership and made it available to all. My hat is off for you dear…

Eskender Kassa, Managing Director Glimpse Experiential Learning Company