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THE Show- Season I- Topic II: Visionary Lifestyle- Episode 2

Season I– Personal Development

Topic II– Visionary Lifestyle

Episode 2

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Visionary Lifestyle

Vision-LedThe term vision is a household name and almost everyone claims having one. However, it has been confused with other terms that cannot fully express its true meaning. People confuse vision with fantasy, and trance. Some people have also difficulty to differentiate between vision, mission, motto, and goal. Unlike vision, fantasy is daydreaming and you don’t make yourself accountable for its realization. You don’t have control or say when you pass through trance because you’re influenced externally. In case of vision, you are the author of your vision, and have the control and the one who initiates it.


Mission is the reason of your existence while vision is seeing the accomplishment of it. Motto is a concise expression of who you are, for what you stand for, and what you deliver. Goal is specific and measurable. If you say, I would like to generate fifty thousand dollars next year; it is a short-term goal. It is specific and once you generate the money, it is over. On the other hand, vision is the abstract of your future and you don’t change it frequently.


Many dictionaries briefly define vision as a picture we see in our mind. Let me give you a more elaborate definition: The abstract of the whole journey that will be used as a roadmap from where we are now, to navigate through, and finally reach our destiny. It is about the mental image of who we would become at the end of the day, and the legacy we leave behind.


We may have mini visions for the various aspects of our lives: family, school, career, business, and so on. However, here we are talking about our lifetime vision and the vision of our organization. You should also note that your mini-visions should align with the umbrella vision, the big picture.


There are lots of advantages you may enjoy when you lead a visionary lifestyle. To enjoy these benefits, you should overcome the challenges that may prevent you from living a visionary lifestyle. You should also assess your progress on a consistent basis, and use some tools that may help you lead this kind of lifestyle.


If you’re interested, I have produced four Episodes on Visionary Lifestyle via ESAT TV and Radio- THE Show (The Hour of Empowerment Show). The first Episode was released last Friday. Here is the link to watch Episode 1:


The coming three Episodes provide Reality Checks, Self-Measurements, Tools, and Interview that are very helpful as you work on your personal and corporate vision. They will be released in the coming three weeks. You may visit this link to watch the three Episodes on Visionary Lifestyle when they are released:

The above notes are taken from my book entitled “The 9 cardinal building blocks for continued success in leadership”, which will soon be published. We will notify you as soon as the book is out. Chapter two of the book covers the second cardinal building block- Imagination, more specifically visioning. It provides insights, the benefits you may enjoy, the challenges that may deny you from benefiting from a visionary lifestyle, reality checks, assessments, tools, process, steps, assignments, group discussions, and more.  Stay tuned…

THE Show- Season I- Topic II: Visionary Lifestyle- Episode 1

Season I– Personal Development

Topic II– Visionary Lifestyle

Episode 1

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The Hour of Empowerment Show (THE Show) Interview with Alix Moore

Season I– Personal Development

Topic I– The Self-awakened Personality

Episode 4– Interview with Alix Moore:

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The Hour of Empowerment Show (THE Show) Season I- Episode 3

Season I– Personal Development

Topic I– The Self-awakened Personality

Episode 3– Reality Checks and Tools:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


The Hour of Empowerment Show (THE Show) Season I- Topic I- Episode 2

Season I– Personal Development

Topic I– The Self-awakened Personality

Episode 2– Reality Checks and Tools:

The Hour of Empowerment Show (THE Show) is launched (First Episode)

The Hour of Empowerment Show (in short- THE Show) is launched. The show will have four Seasons in the coming twelve months. Under each Season, there’re three Topics, and under each Topic, there’ll be four Episodes.

The theme of the first Season is “Personal Development”. There’re three Topics under this Season: The Self-awakened Personality, Visionary Lifestyle, and Living each day with a sense of urgency.

There’ll be four Episodes under each Topic.

This week, Episode 1 The Self-awakened Personality is released.

Here is the link to watch the video:

A New Weekly Educational TV Show at ESAT

ESATLogoESAT (Ethiopian Satellite Television) will soon launch a new weekly educational program that empowers professionals, business owners and leaders. THE Show (The Hour of Empowerment Show) is going to be aired every Friday. And THE Show will be rebroadcasted the following week twice. You can also watch THE Show at ESAT’s website- ESAT Tube:

Now, you have the opportunity to watch THE Show every Friday at ESAT. Share the news with friends and colleagues who may benefit from it…

You may write us your questions, feedback, & suggestions. Let’s use the opportunity to grow together. Looking forward to hear from you…

Here is the Intro:

SPW’s Newsletter on “The First Step of Effective Communication: Understanding the barriers”

The theme of this Edition of Herald of Success is “The First Step of Effective Communication: Understanding the barriers”. Let me just share with you the first two paragraphs:

Effective communication is the number one tool to succeed in any endeavor, said Les Brown, one of my favorite motivational speakers. He said that communication determines whether people vote for you; write you a check; invest in what you do; buy your services and products. He concluded: “Communication opens up a new whole world to you”. He is right: Communication is the key to create and sustain relationships at home, work, and in the marketplace. Without the ability to relate, we cannot really do anything meaningful. Relationship without communication, however, is a handgun without bullets.

Even if we may have a great cause with clear vision, the right priorities and strategies in place, we still need to communicate our messages (ideologies, principles, values, vision, etc.), products, and services to our team, potential clients, supporters, donors, and partners. Especially, communication isn’t an option for the 21st C leaders. Not just one or two forms of communication, we should develop several forms of communication abilities. The latter is a must if our desire is to survive and thrive in this highly diversified era…

In this Edition, you also find the following:

  • Understanding Communication Barriers
  • Inspirational and Insightful Quotes
  • Reports on the trip to Philly- May 11 & 12, 2013
  • Announcement: Attend a half-day seminar

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