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The three career tips for the 2018 graduates (video)

In June this year, I shared three tips for 2018 graduates.

The tips were based on my book ‘Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success’.

Click here to watch the video…

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Know Your Wroth- Sunday June 10 @3 – 5 pm

Using the platform, I’m going to talk about how each and every woman has the potential to become one of the great world changers, how leadership is their birthright, and some of the skills necessary for women (of course, men too  to demonstrate confidence.

I’ll cover some of the soft skills necessary for women to succeed in the work and marketplaces such as communication and feedback giving. For instance, how to communicate like a pro, how to ask for a raise or promotion, and how to provide feedback. In the latter case, for example, how to provide feedback (without damaging the relationship) to a co-worker or boss, especially if you feel like he is crossing certain boundaries, and more.

The presentation is going to be motivational and at the same time interactive and dynamic. The contents and tools are taken from my latest two books (Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success, and The Highest Level of Greatness).

Men are also welcome! You may join us, or at least, invite your sisters, girlfriend, or spouse.

For details, please see the attached flyer.

Assegid Habtewold, Bridge Builder

Tapping was done for Grads Career Festival

I just finished the tapping for this year’s Grads Career Festival that attracts hundreds of thousands, if not millions of college graduates.

My presentation will be the first from the Soft Skills track and is based on my third book Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success (

The recording will be available on June 28th by going to this link:

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Press Release: Grad CareerFestival designed to help unemployed Grads land jobs quickly

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                       Press Release

Assegid Habtewold is a Featured Presenter in the Grad CareerFestival Designed to Help Unemployed Grads Land Jobs Quicker!

Free Grad Career/Festival scheduled for June 26th-29th from 11 am – 7 pm daily (EST) seeks to help college grads land a job 2.4 months quicker! 36 hours of career advice!


Silver Spring, MD, May 14, 2018 (Success Pathways Press) With nearly two million students graduating from college this summer, it’s not surprising that it will take the average graduate 7.4 months to find employment.   While some of that time is a result of the economy not being able to absorb so many graduates at one time, much of it is a result of the fact that college grads simply do not know how to look for a job!

The Grad CareerFestival is designed to give graduates the fundamental skills they will need in their first professional job search. The massive four-day event will introduce graduates to 36 of the nation’s top career authors and a dozen career coaches, hiring managers, and career experts who will offer strategies on how to launch and lead successful careers. The event has been organized into four tracks:

  • Career Management
  • Job Search
  • Soft Skills
  • Post-Graduation

According to Assegid Habtewold, author of Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success, and a featured presenter in the Grad CareerFestival:

“Research by the National Association of Colleges and Employers has shown nearly 61 percent of graduating seniors either NEVER go to the career center or will only visit once or twice. It’s no wonder then that the average grad thinks the proper way to look for a job is to load their resume onto 100 websites and wait for someone to contact them!   We know, given the right knowledge and skills we can help grads find jobs quicker!”

Each author is offering three tips based on their niche area of expertise. Graduates will learn relevant, contemporary strategies to create an elevator pitch, build their online brand, use social media to land a job, as well as learn traditional networking, resume, interviewing, and job search techniques. Authors will share the importance of creating a career plan, managing their career, and staying current on job search strategies.   The authors will give a 25-30 minute presentation on their area of expertise and then take 10-15 minutes of questions.

Time has been set aside to introduce graduates to innovative online career tools designed to improve their resumes, as well as their interviewing, networking and job search skills. Students and grads will also hear from experts who will give insights how to refinance student loans, manage their credit score, and their personal finances.

According to Assegid Habtewold,

“I’m concerned that college graduates are not receiving the knowledge and skills they will need for the dozen job searches they are expected to have by the time they turn 38 years old.   We are excited about the possibilities of putting thousands of dollars in the pockets of graduates by giving them simple insights on how they can not only find a job quicker but help them launch and lead successful careers!”

The cost to participate in all 36 hours of live career presentations is $67. However, students and graduates that register using the code – Habtewold – will get free access to the four-day event. It’s Assegid Habtewold’s graduation gift to graduates!

Parents, guardians, friends, or extended families are encouraged to share this opportunity with the graduate(s) they know!

Students and graduates can register at:

Participation is limited.

The Grad CareerFestival is produced by TalentMarks, a nationally recognized firm that provides scalable career and professional development programming to career centers, and alumni associations. Participation is limited!

Author Info:

Assegid Habtewold

Author, Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success



Phone: 703-895-4551





For details and interviews, contact 800-849-1762 x 205

Why you should attend this coming Thursday’s workshop

This coming Thursday, February 15, 2018, @ 6: 30 pm at Marriott Marquis Washington DC, I’m going to facilitate a 2-hour workshop on the theme: Effective Communication Skills. Here are two strong reasons why you need to attend this workshop (or recommend someone) if you’re in the DC metro area.

1. The organizers. Your Ethiopian Professionals Network, known as YEP, is one of the most dynamic organizations that I personally know. I don’t usually endorse an organization just for the sake of it. I facilitated a workshop for the leadership team in 2012 or 2013 on mission, vision, branding, teamwork, and so on. I was so proud as an Ethiopian by their passion, unity of purpose, clarity, and professionalism of these young leaders. Don’t just believe my words. Because of their outstanding leadership, the organization has been growing exponentially. They have over five thousand members. Its members are diverse in profession, age group, gender, ethnicity, religion, and so on. Whether you’re new to the US or have been here for years, if your desire is to grow professionally, this is a group you have to join. You cannot grow and continue to succeed solo and without the network and support of like-minded professionals. Thus, use this opportunity to meet the leadership, its volunteers, and members. For more, check out their website:

2. The theme, communication. One of my favorite motivational speakers- Les Brown said, “Communication is the number one tool to succeed in any endeavor.” Whether you are looking for a job, improve your relationships, advance on the corporate ladder, grow your business, serve and lead your community with excellence, you cannot do it without effective communication skills. You can have off the chart credential, out of this world talent and skills, and the zeal to serve, without communicating effectively, however, they are almost worthless. This is especially important to our community. Personal and professional developments are treated casually. I’ve met many talented Ethiopian professionals who overstayed in one position for years, not because they don’t have the qualification, experience, and drive; it’s due to the lack of certain soft skills like communication. I know many of you work hard and desire to succeed but hanging out with people from your profession alone is not enough. Reading textbooks of your profession alone isn’t sufficient to grow and advance in what you do. You need to invest in your personal and professional developments proactively. We need to incorporate this element in our culture. As a community, we need to develop personally and professionally constantly if our desire is to succeed individually and collectively. There is no shortcut. That was how other communities advanced, and enjoying prosperity and civilization- they developed the human potential of their people. By the way, government agencies, major corporations, and nonprofit organizations in the US that I serve as a facilitator pay thousands of dollars to arrange this kind of workshops for their staff, supervisors, managers, and executives. Now, YEP brought this to you for free. You shouldn’t miss this opportunity. If your desire is to go to the next level and continue advancing in what you do, you need to sharpen your communication ability. And, this engaging and interactive workshop empowers you to go to the next height in your communication skills. For detail, check out this Facebook page:

Workshop on Effective Communication Skills organized by YEP

Title: Effective Communication Skills: What are they and how to improve them?

When: February 15, 2018

Where: Marriott Marquis 901 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington DC

Organizer: Your Ethiopian Professionals (YEP) Networks Web

Facilitator: Assegid Habtewold


One of the most respected motivational speakers- Les Brown, said: “Effective communication is the number one tool to succeed in any endeavor.” More than we would like to admit, we all communicate at home, in the neighbor, work, and marketplaces.The question is whether our communication is effective or not; whether we are getting the results we’re looking for or not.

If your desire is to communicate better and get what you want and advance in life, your profession, and attain success in whatever you are doing right now, you need to attend this workshop.

In this workshop, you will learn about what are effective communication skills, what types there are and where can you apply them, and different tools you can use to improve your communication.

The facilitator of this workshop is Dr. Assegid Habtewold, the author of ‘Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success’. Effective communication is one of the soft skills that make or break your life, career, and/or business.

The 2-hr workshop also covers:

– the characteristics of extraordinary communicators;

– the critical roles active listening, non-verbal communication,

– giving and receiving proper feedback, and

– cross-cultural communication play in the 21st C work and marketplaces.

The workshop is highly interactive packed with insights, approaches, and tools, which you could immediately apply to take your communication skill to the next height.

About the facilitator:

Assegid Habtewold is an author, coach, consultant, speaker, and trainer at Success Pathways, LLC ( He has written four books including ‘Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success: 12 soft skills to master self, get along with, and lead others successfully’. He has over two decades of leadership experience and has been empowering leaders from diverse industries. He facilitates interactive workshops on soft skills and leadership themes for some government agencies, major corporations, and community organizations.

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The launch of Facebook Live for immigrants on Soft Skills

If you’re a leader, manager, or a supervisor or even a mere team member in any field, and if you’ve not read the little book ‘The One Minute Manager’, you should do it right away. “With more than two million hardcover copies in print, The One Minute Manager ranks as one of the most successful management books ever published.”

That being said, my goal here and right now is not to promote this book. I thought to share with you what the author, who is recognized as a management and leadership guru worldwide, Ken Blanchard said about Jesus. He wrote, “Everything I had ever taught or written about effective leadership during the past thirty-five years, Jesus did to perfection, beyond my ability to portray or describe. I realized that Christians have more in Jesus than just a spiritual leader; we have a practical and effective leadership model for all organizations, for all people, for all situations.” I conquer!

That is why based on my book entitled ‘Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success’, I will use Jesus as a role model and show you, in my upcoming Facebook live chats, how the 12 soft skills recognized in the book allowed Jesus to succeed in His earthly ministry more than 2000 years ago. Those of you who are interested to read the book, which is written for anyone regardless of your religious affiliation and based on a case study in one of the leading research organizations, is available on Amazon.

However, as a way of giving back to the continent I came from, Africa and my own fellow Habesha leaders, professionals, and business owners who understand English, I’ll show you how Jesus, other Biblical characters, and past and contemporary leaders from the corporate world have had these soft skills that contributed to their outstanding success.

I’ll share with you insights, stories, and most importantly, tools that can help you take your already existing soft skills to the next height. This is especially transformational to the immigrant community in the Diaspora. Your talents, gifts, intellect, hard work, and so on aren’t enough to succeed in the West. You need to develop the 12 soft skills that make or break your success in the new culture you live and work.

Remember, I wrote this book based on my experience as a trainer for some government agencies, major corporations, and non-profit organizations. These organizations pay thousands of dollars to offer workshops to their leaders, managers, supervisors, and team members on these themes. Thus, don’t miss this opportunity. It’s free.

I’ll post more updates on my facebook account before the launch of this live chat. In the meantime, I’d like to hear your suggestions. I also encourage you to share this good news with the people you know who may benefit from this program.

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Two presentations on the latest 2 books on Nov 25th

I’ll be speaking twice for 15 minutes each on Nov 25, 2017, at Residence Inn Springfield (6412 Backlick Rd, Springfield, VA 22150) based on my book Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success. The theme of the presentation is ‘Present Like a Pro’.

Many studies have found that public speaking is the number one fear amongst most people, outranking flying, snakes, insects, and even death. Ironically, it is also one of the skills that can make or break a person’s career, business, and leadership. While public speaking can be a nerve-wracking experience, it can be extremely beneficial to boost our confidence and in turn succeed in our career, social engagements, and businesses. Public speaking is a life skill, which we all need to develop. Whether speaking in front of groups, conducting meetings, speaking at a conference, lecturing for the first time, or addressing the media, improving our presentation skill empowers us to deliver our message with confidence, capture the attention of our audience, increase our credibility, influence our audience and win them over our side, and create impact. In his presentation ‘Speak Like a pro’, which is taken from his book ‘Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success’, Assegid Habtewold will give you great tips and approaches that will make speaking in public less terrifying and more enjoyable.

For details such as location and where to get tickets, check out the attached flyer…

Note: I’m not sure whether some copies of my latest book ‘The Highest Level of Greatness‘ will be available but I’ll make sure to bring some copies of ‘Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success’. By the way, in this holiday season, this book is a great gift to your professional, community leader, and business owner friends, relatives, and colleagues. It is a small investment that will definitely transform their lives, career, and business…


Present Like a pro (report with some pics and YouTube link)

Five Toastmasters clubs organized an open house on November 09, 2017 at Kaiser Regional Headquarters at 2101 East Jefferson St. Rockville, MD 20852. Here are the clubs:

  • NIH Evening Speakers,
  • DHHS Toastmasters,
  • NIH Toastmasters,
  • NIH Democracy Two, and
  • Thrive Masters at Kaiser Permanente.

In this very interactive workshop for two hours, I pointed out that the following four pitfalls prevent many from becoming successful speakers:


2.Weak performance on the stage

3.Lack of credibility/likeability


Accordingly, my focus within that short period was to help both novice and seasoned speakers in the audience to take their communication competence to the next height by overcoming these pitfalls. There are, at least, two things we need to do to overcome anything: a) Know the cause, b) Find the right solutions. That was why I made sure to talk about the science behind (the facts), for instance, why we experience (both beginners and experienced speakers) nervousness, what are some of the things that may rob our credibility. And then, I shared with the audience how to tackle these roadblocks and speak like a pro.

Below are the four learning objectives:

I.To understand how nervousness is created and how to channel it

II.To learn how to grab the audience’s attention right away

III.To increase credibility and likeability

IV.To recognize the importance of continually growing

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The workshop:

  • Was very interactive designed based on latest adult learning principles
  • Provided insightful facts
  • Was packed with demonstrations

At the end of the workshop, three volunteers used the opportunity to practice what they learned and were given feedback to take their presentation ability to the next level.

If you live or work in the Rockville-MD area, visit these great clubs and consider joining. If you’re not in the area and not yet a member of Toastmasters, check out its website ( to learn more, and also find the nearest clubs in your area. A great way to present like a pro is to find a place where you get opportunities to practice, and there is no any other organization that I know that provides an excellent opportunity to learn how to speak, practice, and get feedback to grow continually than Toastmasters.

If you’re interested me in speaking (and/or facilitate a workshop) at one of your future events, call me @ 703-895-4551 or email me at

If you’re interested, check out the video recording of the workshop by going to YouTube:

2- Hour Workshop on ‘Present like a pro’

I joined Toastmasters (TM) in 2009. I benefited tremendously from this outstanding organization and its leadership. If you saw me speak back then, you wouldn’t believe it’s now that the same guy 🙂 Because of TM and my mentors, I’ve come a long way. Not only I’m now speaking well, I coach supervisors and managers to have high impact communication from the stage.

On Nov 9th, I’m going to facilitate a 2-hour workshop entitled ‘Present like a pro’. It’s a very practical workshop where I’m going to share:

  • Latest facts and statistics,
  • Demonstrations,
  • Video clips, and
  • Practicing opportunities for a few volunteers who would like to practice and get feedback to take their presentation ability to the next level.

Click this link to watch this < 3 min video clip to learn the learning objectives of a one-day workshop that I provide to my clients on the same theme. The contents of this 2- Hour workshop are taken from this workshop.

If you are available that day, and if you live and work in Rockville area, you should attend this Joint Open House organized by five Toastmasters clubs in the area.

One stone two birds:

  1. You learn how to present like a pro plus
  2. Hear from TM’s leadership, and ask questions so that you could be able to join one of the clubs where you may practice what you are going to learn that day.

Don’t miss this opportunity! For more info, check the attached flyer.

I’ll also make some copies of my latest book ‘Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success’ available…