July, 2011

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The impact of values and corporate culture on our leadership

You may wonder the secrete behind why those successful leaders you admire appear consistent, predictable, disciplined, and focused. You may wonder how could Jesus of Nazareth’s values that were crafted more than 2000 years ago still influence his followers and continue to generate commitment. You may also ask why in some successful organizations people behave and act in certain ways and you wish you were part of them.

Well, you have a chance to learn these and more in the coming powerful three hours workshop that focuses on organizational principles, values, and cultures. At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to understand the importance of having well crafted principles based on corporate values that guide their decisions, behaviors, and actions. They will learn the importance of drawing boundaries using their values and become predictable, and uniquely identifiable from other similar leaders and organizations through those values they abide and respect no matter what. Participants will also learn the processes of value formation.

Participants will also be able to understand the importance of identifying a right corporate culture for their organization and learn how the shared values they identify are used to create unique corporate culture that promotes the successful accomplishment of their personal and organizational mission. They will also be able to know the various kinds of organizational cultures available, and appreciate how well crafted corporate cultural environment allows their people to flourish, innovate, grow, and also make the organization remain continually relevant and competitive, and more.

Experiential workshop on shaping the future using foresight tools

The workshop was held in one of the conference rooms of New Alliance church, Silver Spring, MD. The Senior Pastor of Addis Kidan Church, Mulugeta Abate, sponsored the event.

NewAllianceThe participants were from various fields. Some of them were senior pastors, ministers, media personnel, and professionals from medicine, sport, accounting, and so on.

The main objectives of the workshop were:

1. Appreciating the importance of dealing with the future strategically and by using foresight tools,

2. Carrying out trend analysis,


3. Identifying the main events, trends, and changes that shape the future of their industry,

4. Generating and describe alternative futures scenarios for their industry, and

5. Learning how to conduct scenario-strategy analysis.


This three hours workshop was very successful.

Group2ForesightWorkshopAccording to the evaluation feedback we got, participants enjoyed the experiential format, and learned lots of lessons that would help them in shaping the future of their organizations using foresight tools.