October, 2011

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Another book signing…

FlyerHighlandNov13Those of you who missed the book signing at Marriott Hotel on Oct 22, 2011, here is another chance. On Sunday Nov 13, 2011, we will have a book signing ceremony at Highland Coffee, downtown Silver Spring MD.
The program is simple. At the begining of the event, we will have a briefing, followed by Q&A. Those of you who couldn’t make it on time, you can come at any time between 3 – 6 PM, get the book and autograph, ask questions, hang out with friends and colleagues…While attending the event, please note that Highland Coffee has great products you may order such as pasteries, coffee, tea, soft drinks, burgers, and Tibs…
For further info, you may call or email the author using the contact info on the flyer.

Book signing at Marriott Hotel in Maryland

AssegidPanelDiscussionDuring PRO Leadership’s 2nd year anniversary celebration on October 22, 2011, the publication of the new book was announced.
The author summarized the main points of the book. There was panel discussion that gave participants a chance to discuss some portions of the book.
In the near future, there will be more book signing.
Stay tune and check this web site to be part of the coming book signing events.

Speech on Leadership is the birthright of all!

Flyer_2ndyearAssegid Habtewold, from Success Pathways, is going to speak at PRO Leadership’s second year anniversary event. The theme of the event is “Leadership is the birthright of all”. Based on his new book entitled “Redefining Leadership: Navigating the Path from Birthright to Fulfillment in Life!”, Assegid will try to show participants on how we all are leaders in the area of our passion. If you are interested to participate, please check the organizations’ web site…

New book is released

RedefiningLeadershipCoverPageSuccess Pathways is proud to announce the soon to be released book entitled “Redefining Leadership: Navigating the Path from Birthright to Fulfillment in Life!” This book has five parts and calls on major stakeholders to play their parts in helping individuals claim their birthright of leadership and practice leadership in the area of their passion.

For more details such as Excerpt, TOC, Outline, and Advance Praises for the book , please visit this link
To order the book from the Publisher, please visit the following link: http://www.buybooksontheweb.com/product.aspx?ISBN=0-7414-6843-3