November, 2011

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Press release about the new book

RedefiningLeadershipCoverPageMaryland Author Releases New Book, Redefining Leadership: Navigating the Path from Birthright to Fulfillment in Life

Maryland author and business professional, Assegid Habtewold, releases new book entitled, “Redefining Leadership: Navigating The Path From Birthright To Fulfillment in Life!” This book is partial memoir, partial policy book, and partial personal manifesto.

Baltimore, MD, November 11, 2011 –(– Redefining Leadership is a new book by Maryland author and business professional, Assegid Habtewold. Dr. Habtewold feels that his book is a must read for everyone on earth. It declares the fact that leadership is the birthright of all. The book emphasizes that leadership isn’t a career or a privilege for the few but the key to fulfillment. It redefines leadership and helps individuals navigate the path from birthright to fulfillment in life. The book provides insights on how to embrace and practice leadership as a life pattern. It enlists the fruits of leadership and major bottlenecks that deter many from claiming their leadership birthright. It also equips readers to deliver themselves and come out ready to lead. The book also calls upon all stakeholders to promote the ideals discussed in this book, assist individuals to breakthrough barriers, and play their share in raising individual leaders in the area of their passion in life. This book is partially memoir, partially policy book, and partially personal manifesto.

Redefining Leadership is unique from other leadership books because it:

· Claims that leadership is the birthright of all
· Underscores that leadership should be a life pattern for all humanity
· Responds to life’s most important quest, fulfillment
· Provides background information about the crucial facets of leadership and walks readers step by step
· Is comprehensive and a one-stop-window-shop to get the most important aspects of leadership

When asked why he wrote the book, Habtewold responded, “As you already know, life is the biggest university and experience is the best teacher of all. One of my first reasons for writing this book is to share my experiences. I didn’t know about my birthright of leadership until the beginning of the 1990’s, just before I enrolled to pursue an undergraduate degree at Addis Ababa University (AAU). The process of discovering the whole truth, claiming, and practicing my leadership birthright has taught me many life transforming lessons. I would like to share these lessons with others in this book. I don’t want to go into the grave with all these insights and experiences that can liberate the rest of the world as it did to me.”

Book Information:
Redefining Leadership: Navigating the Path from Birthright to Fulfillment in Life!
Author: Assegid Habtewold
Publisher: Infinity Publishing
ISBN: 978-0741468437
Pages: 270
Published: October 2011

About the Author
Dr. Assegid Habtewold is the Founder and Chairman of PRO Leadership Global Inc and owner of Success Pathways, LLC. Assegid has diverse professional background and earned Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, masters in Computer Science, and certificate in advanced studies in Strategic Leadership. Currently, he is a third year student and pursuing Doctor of Strategic Leadership at Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA. He is also a motivational and topical speaker, coach, facilitator, and consultant at Success Pathways.

For more information, review copies, or interviews please contact the author at:

Assegid Habtewold

Redefining Leadership is available for purchase online from the author’s website, the publisher’s website,, and other online retailers. Bookstores should contact the publisher. It has Bookstores Returnability Program plus 40% discount for wholesale orders.

Published article on major trends in the chip making industry…

When we consider the future, there are so many things we aren’t sure about. It is a future filled with both exciting and uncertain things. One thing however remains obvious; that is, as we go deep into the 21st century, the world would become smarter and semi-conductor chips will continue to play critical roles. The question is whether the chip-making industry is ready to embrace the coming of the smart world, and whether they positioned themselves to lead us into this smart world? Therefore, this article provides some insights about the most important trends, their implications, and some steps leaders of chip-making companies may consider as they prepare and get ready to remain competitive.
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