May, 2012

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Published article- Prices and burdens of leadership

“No pain no gain!” You most probably heard this popular saying more than once. It is universally accepted that if we desire to gain something, we should be ready to pay its worth. This is so true when it comes to leadership. If we desire to enjoy the full benefits of leadership, we should be ready to pay the attached prices.

You started a rewarding journey towards becoming a great leader. It was a very smart decision. Indeed, the sky is the limit. Yet, expecting to enjoy the accompanying advantages from becoming a leader in the area of our passion alone is never enough. It requires us to acquaint ourselves with the prices of leadership, and remind ourselves about them once in a while.

As we all know, anything valuable has a price tag. We even become suspicious if something valuable is available for free. Leadership is one of those worthy things that demand paying its dues. There is no free ride in leading our glorious destiny.

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