April, 2013

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Sponsor a half-day intensive and interactive seminar


I. Ask the following questions and reflect:

1. Wouldn’t it have been great if you knew the most important leadership attributes that are critical to your success as soon as you began your leadership journey?

2. What would have happened if you recognized and were able to develop these vital leadership traits sooner rather than later?

3. How much would you be willing to pay for a seminar containing information on the most fundamental leadership skills needed to succeed in your current leadership position? Well, it isn’t too late…

1. Have you asked yourself whether you have the most fundamental building blocks you need to succeed in your current leadership position lately?

2. These days, have you sat down and made an assessment on your leadership attributes and whether you need to add some more and/or fine tune the ones you have already developed?

3. Have you wondered on how to evaluate, monitor, and most importantly improve some of the leadership attributes you need to take your life, career, business, and/or organization to new heights? Well, you have an opportunity ahead of you…

II. Who should attend this seminar?

At this point:
• You may be an individual who would like to excel in life and advance in your career, and looking forward to equip yourself to lead your life and career successfully.

• Or you may just be promoted to lead a team of smart people or you just opened a business or formed an organization, and you are wondering about the most important leadership attributes you need to develop to succeed in your new role as a leader.

• Or you may be an experienced and seasoned leader, and you are wondering whether you have all of the most fundamental building blocks you need to take your organization to new heights and actualize your vision.

• Or you may be a successful leader with great track records but, lately, you haven’t got that many chances to sit down and make assessment on your leadership attributes. You haven’t got the opportunity to evaluate, monitor, and most importantly improve some of the leadership attributes you need to take your life, career, business, and/or organization to new heights.

III. What to expect?

This is a super opportunity for both seasoned and novice leaders. Whether you are a prospective or novice or seasoned leader, you should have these essential leadership attributes in your tool-kit if your desire is to succeed continually.  They are collectively called the Nine Cardinal Building Blocks. They are divided into three categories:

  1. Founders
  2. Propellers
  3. Sustainers

Under each category, there are three building blocks. The seminar follows the outline of the workbook. The workbook, within each building block, discusses the following and more:

  1. The definition and importance of the building block
  2. Its relevance toward the different aspects of our leadership
  3. Benefits we may enjoy when we develop this building block
  4. Challenges that deter us from developing and fine tuning it
  5. Steps to develop and improve it. And many more.

This interactive and intensive seminar will give you a life transforming experience, and you won’t be the same. There will be large and small group discussions, and Q&A sessions. The workbook also provides, at the end of each building block, individual and group assignments, opportunities to write down your new realizations, and an action plan that details on how you are going to further improve that particular building block.

IV. Brief bio about the facilitator

SeminarJuly6_2013In whichever category you may find yourself, you have now once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a one-day seminar that will be facilitated by Dr. Assegid Habtewold who:

1. Has two decades of practical experience in the area of leadership development.
2. Published a book entitled Redefining Leadership in 2011.
3. Since 2009, has been researching, writing, providing trainings, and conducting consulting projects to earn Doctor of Strategic Leadership.
4. As part of his final project, has written a workbook entitled “The Nine Cardinal Building Blocks: Developing the fundamental leadership attributes for continued success”. These leadership attributes are fundamentals leaders from all walks of life should be well acquainted with, develop, and practice

V. Benefits you may enjoy by attending this seminar

Participants will use the workbook, which is filled with lots insights, thought provoking questions, assessments, individual and group assignments, and the opportunity to reflect and write down the new realizations they will make at the end of each building block.

The following are just some of the learning and growth benefits you may gain from attending the seminar:

1. Understand the full spectrum of leadership, and the most important leadership traits you need to succeed in the 21st C

2. Recognize where you stand, and areas of improvements in your leadership

3. Equip yourself not only with the insights and tools that take your leadership to a new height but also to become an effective mentor for the people under your influence

4. Get empowered to lead your life, career, team, business, and/or organization with a renewed leadership excellence. This leads you to enjoy a fulfilling life, relationship, more revenue, and progress in your career and business…

5. Avoid unwanted and unnecessary prices that may come from the lack of one or more of the nine cardinal building blocks. Avoiding these prices leads you to less distractions, more focus; fewer wrong turns and u-turns, moving forward; less stumbling blocks, more opportunities, etc.

6. Share your stories and experiences, and also learn from your peers’ stories and years of experiences during small and large group discussions

7. Increase your network with other like-minded leaders that are serious about personal and leadership development, who work on their growth to serve their people with excellence, commitment, and discipline.

8. And many more lessons…

This is a super opportunity for both seasoned and novice leaders. Whether you are a prospective or novice or seasoned leader, you should have these essential leadership attributes in your tool-kit if your desire is to succeed continually. This interactive and intensive seminar will give you a life transforming experience, and you won’t be the same.

Motivational Speech: You’re a mindset away from wining your battles!


One of the most important assets the human race has, unlike other creations, is the infinitely powerful mind. The question is whether it is working in favor of each and every one of us or against us. Whether we configured our mind to program us back to win our battles or not. Whether we have the right mindset to overcome our challenges or not.

On April 13 2013, I delivered a motivational speech to inspire my audience about the importance of mindset. The difference between winners and losers; between achievers and mediocre; between successful people and complacent ones is the mindset they have. We can have all kinds of advantages such as a world class education, millions of inheritance money, and people in high places. Without the right mindset, these all sum up to nothing. On the other hand, regardless of  so many disadvantages and drawbacks, we could be able to witness so many successful and wealthy individuals who started from scratch and as underdogs by all measures but ended up winning all the battles and overcoming all kinds of obstacles.

I used the well known story of David-Goliath to make my case. I asked my audience what was the difference between David, the shepherd boy, and the thousands of soldiers who were terrorized by the giant Goliath? There was not just one but three differences. They were:

1. Well trained
2. Well equipped
3. Given incentive after incentive to kill Goliath

But, none of them confronted the giant, let alone to kill him. On the other hand, David who had all the disadvantages against him did confront, and finally killed the giant. He:

1. Didn’t have any formal military training
2. Was poorly equipped (a sling and a stone :-) )
3. Was an outsider

You know the story, David who had the right mindset, which he developed while he was protecting his sheep from lions and bears, confronted and killed the despising giant, cut off his head, and that eventful day launched him to a new height he never imagined, and finally to become the most loved king of Israel. What are the lessons we learn from this story?

Let me ask you: Are you an underdog in the battle you are in right now? What is blocking you to reach where you wanna be in life? Who is your giant? What is standing between you and your personal and organizational goals? Who is terrorizing you? Whatever are your answers, you are a mindset away. Don’t panic, hide, and become restless…

I don’t advocate a principle I haven’t tested in my own life. That is why, I try all my best to share my personal story in my writings and speeches. It isn’t to boost but rather to allow my readers and audience relate with me. I am an ordinary guy who found himself an underdog in many situations. That is what I shared with my audience. I told them that whether I lost or won a battle, it all depended on my mindset at that particular time in my life. I lost some of my battles because I was not ready within; my mindset wasn’t right. However, I had some success stories I attribute to my mindset.

One of such a success story was my attempt to become the president of Addis Ababa University (AAU) Students’ Union, the largest university in Ethiopia, in 1997.  I was the underdog :-) Here were the three reasons that made me an underdog:

  • I was from Veterinary Medicine Faculty, one of the despised field of studies in Ethiopia. I don’t know about your country but back home, fellow students mock their peers from field of studies such as veterinary medicine, geology, etc. Now, you have a clear picture on how I was viewed. Okay, these student leaders may not have the same perspective like other students about my field of study but there is another similar reality that made me an underdog.  The union never had leaders from science and medicine fields. Almost all, as far as I know, were from social science fields.
  • My faculty was 45 KM away from the capital city and the main campus, and convincing student representatives to elect me as their president while I didn’t have a car was a hard sell.
  • I was an obscure guy known only by two representatives out of 30 or 40 representatives from various departments of AAU.

On the other hand, the two other contestants were well known by the majority of the student representatives, and I was also informed that the former were lobbying the latter for months so as to vote for them. However, regardless of the aforementioned drawbacks, I had been preparing myself and developing my mindset for more than three years. I had already won the contest in my mind. That was obvious on the election day. When my turn came, I went inside to make my case with confidence. I appeared as if I was already the president. I didn’t compare myself with the other two contestants. I explained my vision and laid down my plans on how I would take the student union to a new hieght. My speech was interrupted so many times by loud applauses, and they gave me a standing ovation when I was done with my contest speech. Finally, I was elected overwhelmingly except two or three votes…

What is the moral of this story? Even if you may be an underdog, you have a chance to win your battle if you have the right mindset. It isn’t what you have but who you have become. If you configure your mind to think victory and success, and if you could be able to see yourself overcoming your challenges, you will become a victor/victoria, successful, and conquerer.

Your mind is amazingly powerful and your advocate; use it in your favor. Evaluate the current status of your mind, and if you don’t like it, change it! Rather than making you a winner and achiever, if it is programing you to fear, lose, and belittle yourself, this is time to renew it. Feed yourself with the right stories, books, and biographies. Associate with the right people with the right mindset. Closely monitor your thoughts on a consistent basis and don’t entertain those that don’t empower you to win your battles and become who you wanna be! You are closer than you think. You are just a mindset away!

If you are interested, you may watch the video at YouTube:


If you are interested to have this kinds of motivational and keynote speeches for your team, you may contact me using the info below:

Assegid Habtewold (Advocate for Your Greatness™)

Coach, Consultant, Trainer, and Speaker

Success Pathways, LLC


             : assegidh@gmail.com




SPW Newsletter (Herald of Success)- The Art of Leading Values-Centered Life, Career, and Business

Success Pathways launched its monthly newsletter called Herald of Success. The theme of this Edition of Herald of Success is “The Art of Leading Values-Centered Life, Career, and Business”.

On March 08, 2013, I had a great privilege to facilitate a discussion on Values-Focused Consulting with some great consultants. Participants joined both in person and virtually and we had a wonderful time. In this Edition of our monthly newsletter, I would like to share with you the main points of this discussion:

  1. My brief story on how I used to be a slave of my own values until recently
  2. The importance of values
  3. Individual and organizational level prices of compromising our values
  4. The major steps to form core values
  5. How to transform core values into shared values
  6. In what ways to align key stakeholders along side shared values
  7. How to measure whether the shared values brought the intended results

If you relate to one or more of the following scenarios, you should read this article:

  • For some reasons, you haven’t taken core values seriously, and therefore, you don’t have espoused values that are posted on your web site, company documents, and so on.
  • Even if you have espoused values, you haven’t followed the appropriate steps of values-formation. In other words, you aren’t sure whether these values promote your mission, enhance the realization of your vision, and/or align with those priorities you hold high.
  • You never took time to review and evaluate the impacts of your espoused values. Accordingly, you aren’t certain whether your core values are working in your favor or against you.
  • You aren’t sure whether your core values have been transformed into shared values. That means, you aren’t confident whether your core values are embraced by all stakeholders as their own. It is evident that the latter aren’t demonstrating the commitment you expect them to show toward the espoused values.
  • You haven’t used one-on-one sessions, staff meetings, and your incentive system to make sure all stakeholders are aligned with the shared values.
  • Your promotion, and succession plan don’t include loyalty and respect toward the shared values as one of the parameters.
  • You are unaware of whether some individuals or departments or stakeholders have their own compartmentalized values that don’t align with the shared values.
  • And so on.

In this Edition, you also find the following:

  • The eight-steps of true visioning
  • Craft a long-term strategy to win
  • Offer 1: Free Shipment
  • Offer 2: 25% Discount

To read the newsletter, click here.

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