September, 2013

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Herald of Success Newsletter on “Self-awareness Reality Check”

Self-awareness_RealityCheckSuccess Pathways’ newsletter- Herald of Success- in its 6th edition covered the theme “Self-awareness Reality Check”:

In this edition of Herald of Success, I would like us to engage in a quick and simple self-awareness reality check. As you can see from the Figure on the left side, there are four quadrants. The 1st quadrant represents individuals who are neither excited in life nor enlightened. We can safely call them the walking dead 🙂 I had been there, and also have met some people from this category. However, I don’t expect to find any person who subscribed to this newsletter in this group. When one is un-awakened and unexcited in life, s/he doesn’t have any motivation to learn, and join groups like ours. They sit and watch as life pass from the sidelines.

The 2nd quadrant stands for people who are exited but lack the full account of who they are. Their excitement doesn’t last. It cannot take them far. It disappears at any time, especially when they face challenges. They don’t have a firm foundation.

The 3rd quadrant symbolizes individuals who are going nowhere in life though they have some form of self-awareness. They have withdrawn from the school of life. That means, the awareness they have uncovered couldn’t create excitement in life. These are people who are more focused on their past failures and limitations. They live in the shadow feeling inferior, weak, and victims. They know more about what they cannot than what they can. This is a very pitiful place to be.

The 4th quadrant characterizes individuals who are both excited and enlightened. The self-awareness they have uncovered enabled them to live a life of excitement, happiness, and contentment even if they are faced with so many challenges and experiencing lots of disappointments. This is a very envious place to be. These are truly dynamic individuals. They are well aware of who they are- both their strength and weaknesses. They know their purpose in life, and passionate to purse it till they are fulfilled. Regardless of where they are in life, they are contented, and excited about life. They cannot wait to see the sunrise, and they are full of life the whole day in pursuing the purpose they were born for.

Take a moment, evaluate the four quadrants, and make an honest quick assessment and mark the quadrant you think you belong at this moment. Unless you identified yourself with the 4th quadrant, you should have an action plan to make a shift from the quadrant you’re currently at into the 4th quadrant. If you are already there, how do you plan to stay there for a very long period of time?

You should also use this simple reality check to know the status of each member of your team, and use it as a starting point to strike a conversation and also help them make a shift from whichever quadrant they are now at this moment into the forth quadrant.

Can you imagine what it’s like to have the majority of your people in the forth quadrant? Can you anticipate the excitement, energy, cooperation, synergy, focus, team spirit, and productivity the team may enjoy when the majority of its members are in this category?

I don’t have much time and space to discuss the insights, steps, assessment tools, and assignments that could empower you to raise the self-awareness of your people, and help them make the shift to the forth quadrant.

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