October, 2013

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Herald of Success Newsletter on “Values-Alignment”

Success Pathways’ newsletter- Herald of Success- in its 7th edition covered the theme “Values-Alignment”:

If you would like to succeed as an individual or as an organization, you should be able to understand the place and significance of values. Researches show that those organizations that are succeeding and remaining competitive, even in tough times, are those that have unique shared values. Shared values are important because they help you:

  1. Define who you are. You’re defined based on what you value the most.
  2. Prioritize. Values help you invest your scarce resources on those things that matter the most.
  3. Create synergy. Values bring your people together and create synergy as you move forward.
  4. Protect yourself from falling. When you have values, you know what to do, and what not to do. You’re clear about your choices that it is unlikely for you to make gross mistakes, and poor judgments.
  5. And more..

Now, we know some of the most important benefits of having shared values. The next step is understanding where we stand. Once we know where we are, it is easier to make a transition from where we are to where we want to arrive. The latter is the place where we may enjoy the full benefits that come from having uniquely shared values.

Look at the diagram below. There are four hypothetical stages you may find yourself and your organization. The first circle represents those organizations that don’t have formal and espoused values. Remember, every individual and organization has values that dictate their behaviors, decisions, decisions, actions, and partnership choices. Whether they recognize them or not; whether they are conscious about them or not; whether they promote them or not; there are values behind the scene that seat on the driver’s seat. Here, we are talk about organizations which don’t have written values on their website and company documents.  I guess that more than ninety percent of businesses today have values of one kind or another. Most of these organizations have espoused values that are posted online.

The second circle represents those organizations, which have values but not shared values yet. The owners and the top leadership may espouse these values but the major of the stakeholders may not share these values.

Stages of Values Alignment copyThe third circle represents organizations that have shared values. But all stakeholders may not be aligned with the shared values. That means, some of the stakeholders may have preferred values that aren’t the same with the espoused and shared values. In these kinds of organizations, even if all stakeholders are aligned, some of their processes, policies, and/or procedures may not be aligned with the shared values.

The fourth and the last circle is the envious one where all stakeholders are aligned along side the shared values. Not only the organization’s people, it’s processes, policies, procedures, and the different aspects of the organization are aligned with the shared values. Once your organization achieves values-alignment, you start to enjoy great things. However, reaching to this level of success requires some serious efforts and investments from your side. Not only that, keeping yourself in this spot for a very long period of time requires you to be vigilant. You need to carryout once in awhile values-assessment before you experience the consequences of values-misalignment.

Let me ask you, which circle best represents your situation? How far are you from the fourth circle? Most importantly, what are you going to do about it?

If you may have any question or if you need my help as you transform your organization from whichever stage it may be right now to its rightful place- the fourth stage, let me know. If you are already in the fourth circle and you have been enjoying the full benefits that come with values-alignment but you still want to carry out values assessment to see if there may be some forms of misalignments, let me know.

I don’t have much time and space to talk in detail about the steps you should take from where you are now to the fourth circle. However:

  • The good news is that, my book entitled “The 9 cardinal building blocks for continued success in leadership” will soon be published. We will notify you as soon as the book is out. The book provides the steps you should take to create a values-driven life and organization. I am also working on a book fully dedicated on values. It will be published in the early months of next year. Stay tuned…
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Here is the video version of this discussionhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9kzcrPuU3E

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Looking forward to hear from you.