December, 2013

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The Hour of Empowerment Show (THE Show) Season I- Episode 3

Season I– Personal Development

Topic I– The Self-awakened Personality

Episode 3– Reality Checks and Tools:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


The Hour of Empowerment Show (THE Show) Season I- Topic I- Episode 2

Season I– Personal Development

Topic I– The Self-awakened Personality

Episode 2– Reality Checks and Tools:

Remembering the legend- Mandela


Once in a century leader passed away on December 5, 2013. This edition of Herald of Success celebrates the leadership legacy of Nelson Mandela.

World leaders gathered to pay tribute to a great leader on December 10, 2013. Lots of Presidents, Prime Ministers, and leaders from various multinational institutes flocked into South Africa but why? Many leaders have died in recent years but why such global and exceptional outpouring of affection and respect to Mandela? The reason is simple. Mandela was an exemplary leader who served his country selflessly with exemplary leadership ability and character.

As we say good-bye to the legend, we should remind ourselves what make Mandela Mandela: his great leadership qualities.

Below are the nine great leadership qualities of Mandela taken from my coming Book entitled “The 9 Cardinal Building Blocks for Continually Succeed in Leadership”:


1. Mandela was a self-awakened leader who knew who he was, why he was here, his flaws, weaknesses, and other people too. He credited the cell that forced him to invest on his self-awareness. You and I shouldn’t wait until we’re jailed to become self-awakened persons like Nelson Mandela. In Episode 3 of The Hour of Empowerment Show, we featured Nelson Mandela’s self-awakened personality. It’ll be aired in two weeks. In the meantime, you may watch Episode 1:

2. He was a visionary who could be able to see a bright light at the end of the tunnel while he and his fellow South Africans were in deep darkness. As a visionary leader, he saw a united South Africa, and that bright vision dictated his behaviors and actions both in and out of prison. He showed us how the immediate circumstances around us shouldn’t dictate how we behave and act. We should be visionaries, see the end from the beginning, and lead our organizations using our vision as a compass and blueprint.

3. Madiba committed himself, his time, and energy to pursue his purpose in life. He didn’t allow many other important things in life distract him from the MAIN thing.

4. Nelson Mandela played critical roles in strategizing many of ANC’s initiatives. Whenever he felt that a project hadn’t been studied well and its strategies were weak, he aired his concerns and suggested deeper investigations to come up with viable and alternative strategies.

5. He was a great communicator. Whether in one-on-one discussions, debates, negotiations or public speaking, Mandela was a dynamic communicator.

6. Mandela was a great team builder and consensus molder. He believed the critical contribution of each member of his team. Insisting that each member is equal, while he was the President of ANC, he encouraged the active involvement of his comrades.

7. Madiba persisted 27 years of imprisonment and came out from prison at the age of 72. Rather than complaining, retiring, and phasing out, he served his country and the world until he was hospitalized at the age of 95. Persistence means you press regardless of the things that threaten and frighten you. Mandela just did that. His resilience showed the world how a determined one person can change the world.

8. Mandela has been known with his strong character. People may admire and worship you for your courage and resilience but for them to trust and follow you, they want to make sure that you have a decent character. When you become a leader, you need both courage and character if your desire is to influence others and succeed continually. Nelson Mandela earned the trust of his colleagues and people under his influence because of his character.

9. Nelson Mandela was a good student who invested on his growth. Mandela read lots of books and journals while in prison that contributed for his success in statesmanship. He had grown in the various aspects of his life- his body, mind, soul, relationship, etc.

RIP Madiba!

Note that my book entitled “The 9 cardinal building blocks for continued success in leadership” will soon be published. We will notify you as soon as the book is out. The book narrates three extraordinary leaders including Nelson Mandela. The book gives the opportunity to appreciate how these three exemplary leaders fair against the framework. Stay tuned…


The Hour of Empowerment Show (THE Show) is launched (First Episode)

The Hour of Empowerment Show (in short- THE Show) is launched. The show will have four Seasons in the coming twelve months. Under each Season, there’re three Topics, and under each Topic, there’ll be four Episodes.

The theme of the first Season is “Personal Development”. There’re three Topics under this Season: The Self-awakened Personality, Visionary Lifestyle, and Living each day with a sense of urgency.

There’ll be four Episodes under each Topic.

This week, Episode 1 The Self-awakened Personality is released.

Here is the link to watch the video:

A New Weekly Educational TV Show at ESAT

ESATLogoESAT (Ethiopian Satellite Television) will soon launch a new weekly educational program that empowers professionals, business owners and leaders. THE Show (The Hour of Empowerment Show) is going to be aired every Friday. And THE Show will be rebroadcasted the following week twice. You can also watch THE Show at ESAT’s website- ESAT Tube:

Now, you have the opportunity to watch THE Show every Friday at ESAT. Share the news with friends and colleagues who may benefit from it…

You may write us your questions, feedback, & suggestions. Let’s use the opportunity to grow together. Looking forward to hear from you…

Here is the Intro: