October, 2014

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Without self-awareness derailment is inevitable

The author of ‘Derailed’ Tim Irwin attributed lack of self-awareness for the derailment of former Home Depot CEO Nardelli. He wrote, “He may have lacked self-awareness- a common denominator of those who derailed”.

Tim is right. Many leaders derailed because of lack of self-awareness. If you have experienced or watched train derailment, you know how messy and ugly it is. If we don’t become self-aware and lead from this self-awakened space, we too will experience derailments; if not now, in the future.Considering the importance of self-awareness for our personal, professional, and organizational success, I would like to share with you the following notes from my new book The 9 Cardinal Building Blocks: For continued success in leadership:

“…When we don’t have a holistic self-awareness, we’re kept in the dark. That is why self-discovery should be our first quest in life. Because of its extreme importance and urgency for both emerging and seasoned leaders, I have placed this building block at the front of the framework. I wanted you to have a better chance of success by asking some of the toughest questions about yourself and getting answers at the early stage of your leadership. There shouldn’t be any agenda for any leader to address before this grand quest. If you do so, you will save yourself from so many guesses, mistakes, confusions, and also propel yourself forward faster. Most importantly, you lead your people and organization while your eyes are ‘wide open’, and in turn rescue them from many troubles and stumbling. Take a couple of minutes and make a quick audit. Ask some of the basic self-awareness questions such as:

  • Do I know myself well?
  • Am I comfortable in my own skin?
  • Do I know my surroundings well?

However, ‘holistic self-awareness’ comes when you answer critical self-awareness questions such as:

  • Who you really are?
  • From where you have come from?
  • What you should do with your life now?
  • Where you are heading from here?

On top of these, a complete self-awareness process includes awareness about your relative spot in relation to:

  • Other people,
  • The environment,
  • The universe,
  • Your Source, plus
  • The understanding concerning what is going on around you, regionally, and globally.

Many people don’t think that they should have self-awareness about many aspects of their life, the environment, and issues that have regional and global implications.

Several people think that in depth self-awareness with the scope discussed above is for certain professionals like psychologists and psychiatrists. They also assume that biologists, environmentalists, and archeologists are the ones who should invest their time and resources to know about other creatures and the environment. A lot of people leave the issue of the universe and their Source to Cosmologists and Astrologists, and Theologians, respectively.

Many also think that unless they are politicians or businessmen or consultants, they don’t need to care about issues that aren’t local, issues that don’t affect them immediately. And therefore, they don’t want to invest time to have a broader awareness regionally and globally. Such individuals ignore the fact that a comprehensive self-awareness requires:

  • To understand how the different aspects of our being function and collaborate
  • To appreciate the environment around us that nurtures us every day, and also our roles to pay back and enhance the sustainability of the environment
  • To recognize that each one of us has a unique spot in this harmonious and self-sustaining universe, and the need to find our spot and flow with the grand purpose of the universe
  • To acknowledge that, in this highly globalized world of the 21st C, whatever happens globally affects us locally
  • To know that we are as valuable and capable as our Source

Living life while un-awakened is one of the pettiest things in this world. Of course, when you awaken, you may not like what you discover. You may be surprised to learn that you harbored so many unproductive and wrong beliefs, lofty self-perceptions, weaknesses, shortcomings, and so on that have been sabotaging your progress and success.

But still, it is better to discover these inadequacies and flaws that have kept us at bay from making progress toward our destiny. “Understanding the problem is half the solution.” You may also discover your blind spots and breaking points. Knowing the latter enables you to refuse people and circumstances from using them to force you say or do things you don’t believe. We will discuss this more when we cover the interrelationship between Self-awareness and Persistence.

At this point, the most important point you should understand is the fact that holistic self-awareness requires understanding the fundamental truths that govern the most important aspects of your life including your environment, the universe, your Source, and what is going on around you regionally and globally. Once you encounter and embody the most important truths that govern the most essential aspects of life, you will be transformed from being a mere human to a ‘god’.

This journey finally leads you to become one with the truth at the end of the day. Of course, reaching this level of awareness doesn’t mean that you don’t face human experiences. It doesn’t mean also that you know the answer to every question in life. But being in the side of the Truth enables you to trust that everything is going to be fine. When you’re in this state, you just do what you can based on the truth you have uncovered, one day at a time. The good thing is, once you’re on this journey you begin to let go of worries and fears, and start to live each moment joyfully and thankfully…”

Excerpt from The 9 Cardinal Building Blocks book (Taken from Page 9 – 10).

To learn more about the book check out this link: https://successpws.com/?page_id=931