October, 2016

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Sholla VIP Open House was successful in the presence of elected officials and public servants

dw-starrSholla Corporation VIP Open House was a successful community event that was held yesterday on Oct 29, 2016.

Established in 2007 with one room and a handful of students, so far, over 800 students have been graduated and got their dream jobs in the IT field.

Success Pathways, one of the organizing partner of the VIP Open House congratulates Sholla and its team, and other strategic partners who joined the event.

Owner of Success Pathways was asked to help Sholla launch soft skill workshops in an effort to equip technical professionals with the necessary soft skills that empower them to communicate, get along with diverse people from diverse cultures, resolve conflicts, and become effective team players, supervisors, managers, and leaders. Accordingly, Assegid and other professionals in the field plan to conduct 1 hour free workshops every week at Sholla. Those who are interested for 1-day or 2-days workshops will be given the opportunity to attend such intensive workshops.

More pics and vieo footages will soon be available…

During the event, the following elected officials and public servants either came in person to say a few words and present a citation or sent their representative

grouppicatshollaopenhouseCongressman Chris Van Hollen
MD Senator Jamie Raskin
Delegate Shelia Sheila Hixson
Delegate Will William Colonel Smith Jr
Delegate David Moon
MC Councilmember Marc Elrich
MC Councilmember Roger Berliner
MC Councilmember Tom Hucker
Takoma Park Mayor Kate Stewart
Takoma Park Councilmember Terry Seamens
Cherri Branson, the Director of MC Office of Procurement
Eric Rasch, Operations Manager, Silver Spring Civic Building

Leadership Breakfast arranged by American Sustainable Business Council

Last week, I attended a leadership breakfast with Jamie Raskin- MD Senator, organized by American Sustainable Business Council in Takoma. Here are some pictures with some of the attendees (Tebabu Assefa (US-Africa Diaspora Business Council), Andy Shalala (Founder of Busboys & Poets), Kimberley Jutze (Shifting Patterns), Bryan McGannon (ASBC), and Kathleen Matthews):

with-tebabu-assefa-and-jamie-raskin andy-of-busboysandpoetssbc1sbc2