May, 2017

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85% Success comes from well-developed soft skills

Research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation, and Stanford Research Center revealed, “85% of job success comes from having well‐developed soft and people skills, and only 15% of job success comes from technical skills and knowledge (hard skills).” 

Unfortunately, many inventors, new hires, supervisors, managers, business owners, and professionals over depend on their technical skills. Accordingly, they neglect to develop their soft skills proactively and in turn pay dire prices.

Success Pathways understands the critical roles soft skills play. We provide soft skill workshops to empower your people attain success in what they do.

The following are some of the soft skills workshops we provide. Our workshops are very interactive and engaging filled with latest insights, practical tools, processes, and methods your people could use in the workplace right away. You may click the links below to read the synopsis and learning objectives of each workshop:

  1. Communication Strategies
  2. Effective Presentation Skills
  3. Turning Conflicts into Opportunities
  4. Negotiate Like a PRO
  5. Promoting Diversity and Embracing Inclusiveness
  6. Essentials of Project Management

If your team needs one or more of these workshops and/or to learn more, please feel free to reach out.

Note: Success Pathways Press will soon publish a reference book that provides insights, stories, and processes to empower readers develop the right attitude, mindset, and soft skills necessary to succeed in what they do. We’ve also designed a program for organizations that would like to empower their people by inviting Success Pathways to their organizations. We will work with you to customize the program to align it with your corporate culture, organizational setting, and the needs of your people. If you’re interested to be notified when the book and the program become available, let’s know.

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