April, 2019

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Some more tips to speak like a pro based on a short video clip

Two weeks ago or so, I shared some helpful tips based on a short speech video clip to help you take your speaking competency to the next height. Some of you may be advance speakers and may not need some of the tips. However, I thought, you may want to share these tips with those who may need it the most. If you missed the previous tips I shared 2 weeks ago, checkout the tips before further continuing to read this blog: https://successpws.com/?p=3107 

In this follow up blog, I would like to use another short video clip of mine to share with you some takeaways you may apply immediately in order to take your speaking ability to the next level. By the way, the speech was based on my latest book “Unchain Your Greatness”.  

While watching the Youtube video below, I encourage you to take some notes. Write down what worked very well and what need to be improved…

How did you find the speech? This is my hope that you have enjoyed it. 
If you may remember from my previous email, I coach people to speak like a pro. This time, let me coach myself so that you too may learn from this conversation with myself 🙂 

What went very well:

  1. Finished on time. Like the previous speech, I finished this one within the time frame I was given.
  2. Connected with the majority of my listeners using proper eye contacts. Hope, you could be able to see from the video that I was making eye contacts to engage people in the conference room.
  3. Used the stage very well. If you may remember from the previous video, I was constrained. The stage was very tight. This time, the stage was very wide, and I fully used it to the max. Don’t forget, you don’t have to move around a lot unless you have a fairly large group. Regardless of the size, however, you should come out of the podium and come close to the audience when you speak. Don’t allow any barrier between you and your listeners create blockage.
  4. Purposeful gestures. I used my gestures purposefully. One quick tip: Your body is your weapon of communication, especially your hands. Nonetheless, you should avoid erratic and purposeless use of your hands. Once in a while, you may consider using bold gestures. But, be cautious. The occasion, the audience type, and the topic may not warrant such bold gestures 🙂 Let me ask you: When in the speech did I use bold gestures? One good example is when I talked about the great ones burned their bridge. Another one is when I was talking about how they turning setbacks into assets, their scars and defeats into testimonies, etc. Where else did you notice bold gestures?

What would I do differently if I get a chance to give this speech again?

  1. Share some stories. Since I had 7 minutes to summarize a 200 something pages book, when I was preparing for the speech, I focused on sharing the four stages to unchain one’s greatness without paying attention about mixing some stories. Looking back, I should have given some examples for each stage. 
  2. Insert some humor. In the previous video clip I shared with you, at least, I inserted one sense of humor and I smiled more than I did here. Some how, I was too serious devoid of any humor 🙂 To refresh your memory, I told you that nowadays, people would love to be entertained even if your topic is serious. You might have already seen that in your own case, people like speakers who are friendly and approachable. Well, I missed a golden chance in this speech but I’d consider to add some humor, smile, and laugh more if I get another chance to deliver this the same speech again. 
  3. Use the book. If you watch the video, I went there with my book and put it on the table but never used it 🙂  Did it happen to you? Do you relate with that? I have a story or a statistics or a graph you would like to share, boom! You forgot to share. 
  4. What else needs to be improved?

This is my hope that you have drawn a couple of lessons, which in turn may help you take your speaking ability to the next level.

If you may have any questions, feel free to reach out to me @ assegidh@gmail.com or give me a call at 703-895-4551