November, 2019

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Huge Thanksgiving discount to download our books for just 3.99 USD

As we celebrate this Thanksgiving season, one thing I wish you to be thankful for is how much you are highly favored and created to manifest greatness in your own unique way. You’re a greatness material. No one ever been created and will ever be created in your likeness. You’re unique and a precious gift to your community.

Regardless of your limitations and flaws, you are the one your community has been waiting for so long and desperately to serve it in the area of your passion. You are born in this century for a very strong reason than just to barely survive and get by. You are meant to serve your community and organization with your unique purpose and talent. This is the hour you have been waiting for. This is your time to shine as you serve others based on your talent and gift.

To help you develop the right mindset and skills set that empower you to live up to your full potential, I wrote three great books. I was where you are today. I was sorry for myself. I’m humbled today where I actually live each day pursuing my passion in life empowering leaders in the US. If you told me that I’ll one day talk like this and write these books with these titles, I’d have doubted you and questioned your sanity.

I didn’t know that I was greatness material. What I heard and kept hearing for years was that people like me were meant to just get by and try our best to just survive. However, when I studied the great ones from diverse cultures and generations, I learned that they were like you and me when they began their greatness journey. They were not sure whether they would one day be great and serve their community with excellence. They had a glimpse of who they truly were and the full potential they carried. They took a risk and ventured out to serve their respective communities based on their purpose in life. They envisioned the completion of their purpose and demonstrated an unwavering commitment to what mattered to them the most.

Of course, having the right mindset wasn’t enough. In their generation, there were maybe many who had the same attitude without the necessary competencies. The great ones you and I admire developed certain key competencies, which in turn enabled them to turn their dreams into realities.

My friend, you are worthier than where you are right now. You are a miracle waiting to be manifested to the world in grand style. You supposed to unleash the greatness chained within you during your lifetime. I believe in you. Why? Many discounted and failed to read what I have to say. You are different. You are eager to read what I have to say! I wrote these three books for crazy people like you! They help you develop the right mindset and soft skills necessary to unchain your greatness.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m giving you a huge discount that lasts only till this coming Sunday. Download my books only for 3.99 USD each and read to configure/reconfigure your mindset and develop/refine your soft skills to tap into your full potential and ultimately unchain your greatness.

If you are an underdog like myself and have been thinking you don’t amount to anything meaningful, well, you have come to the right place. Let’s make history together. Let’s give our best and play our fair share to transform our life, community, and organization. The 21st C calls on you to step up and be who you truly are and to give your best…

You will be surprised, as I did. I spent more than 2 decades to study and narrate the story of the great ones from diverse cultures, which are incorporated in my books. What I learned was that the great ones you and I admire were in the position where you are now today until they made a shift in their mindset, ventured out boldly, and developed the necessary competencies that allowed them to unchain their greatness to the fullest.

You are not far away to tap into your full potential and die empty giving your best in the area of your passion. This is time to come out of your comfort zone and live up to your potential. This is your season. You have come to this page because this is your turn to step into your greatness journey. Click this link and download the three books that enable you to develop the right mindset and the necessary soft skills you need to unchain your greatness:

Three of our books are available in PDF format

Whether you are a professional or business owner or a school teacher or mom or dad or supervisor or manager or executive, you cannot succeed in your leadership role without continually growing. One of the avenues to grow is reading books.

If you are a person who would like to have the right mindset and skillset necessary to succeed and become great in what you do, check out my latest three books. They are now available in pdf format.

Click the links below which take you to the landing pages that provide more info and a PayPal Buy Now button to pay 6.99 USD for each book, download and bein reading these great books.

  1. Unchain Your Greatness
  2. The Highest Level of Greatness
  3. Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success

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