What I found out in my conversations concerning purpose (excerpt)

Authentic purpose is subjective
I’ve helped individuals and organizations to discover (refine) their purpose, and their organization’s mission. I said: I’ve ‘helped’. This is because an authentic purpose is subjective. You’re the only one who knows yours and your organization’s purpose.

My job as a coach and consultant has been asking the right questions to facilitate the discovery. However, I found out quickly that clarifying what purpose is and what it’s not from the onset has always been important. It has always been helpful when I’m on the same page with my clients concerning the definition of purpose/mission from the start.

What I found out in my conversations…
I’ve also made informal one-on-one conversations with friends and colleagues mainly out of curiosity. Whenever I ask people, ‘What is your purpose?’, I get different answers. Many don’t differentiate their generic assignment in life and their day job from the reason for existence. Still, others don’t want to answer the question. They would rather change the subject to something else.

Nonetheless, I met a few who knew and articulated their purpose very well. They didn’t think twice. Exuding palpable energy, they talked about it with passion. These individuals understood what purpose means, and many of them discovered their unique purpose. Some of them went in detail to describe it. These individuals found their reason for existence and were ready to die for it.

For your information, I found out that most of the individuals from the last group, went the extra mile and used the opportunity to find out my purpose in life, and whether we shared the same cause. No wonder. Since these individuals lead purpose-oriented relationships, they take every opportunity to build a relationship based on a common cause. We’ll talk more on this later.

The key thing to mention at this point is that these individuals understood that their personal fulfillment is tied with the fulfillment of others. They believed that they’re not islands. They knew that they couldn’t achieve personal fulfillment without contributing toward the realization of others’ fulfillment.

How do I react when asked about my purpose?
Of course, I also met some individuals who asked me this the same question. As you can imagine, whenever people give me the opportunity and honor to talk about my purpose in life, I talk about it forever, if they allow me. My mood changes. If I was sitting, I sit comfortably. If I was standing, I plant myself and begin to talk about it as if I’m talking to thousands of people.

Those who know their purpose are brave souls
I don’t know about you. Individuals who know their purpose attract me for varies reasons. I consider such individuals brave souls. Spending time with such individuals encourages and motivates me a lot. I also learn some lessons from their purpose-oriented journey which I can apply in my own life and organizations.

Conversation with Ken…
Let me share with you one of my conversations in detail. I met Ken (not his real name) through one of my business partners, let’s call him Pete. They met a couple of weeks ago at a networking event. Since he met Ken, Pete kept talking about him a lot and brought his name in our conversations multiple times.

Finally, Pete suggested that we should meet. He told me, “I’m sure, you will like him the moment you meet him.” And, he didn’t waste any time. He invited both of us to attend one of his family gatherings…

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