My conversation with Ken about purpose-oriented lifestyle (excerpt)

Ken vowed to discover his WHY
…The full benefits of purpose impressed Ken. He vowed to answer the question of “Why” for both his life and business. Though I was glad that we had come a long way, I decided to take our conversation to the next level. I emphasized that we cannot attain purpose-oriented greatness from just discovering and pursuing our purpose unless we lead a purpose-oriented lifestyle.

Making purpose the fulcrum
Ken jumped in. “I fully understand your definition of purpose and began appreciating its benefits. Nonetheless, you keep on saying purpose-oriented lifestyle. Do you mind elaborating?” “Sorry.” I apologized for not defining the term before I used it. I then explained, “Purpose-oriented lifestyle is attained when everything we do is aligned with our purpose. When our life, relationships, organization (s), and leadership are brought in line with our purpose. When our purpose becomes the fulcrum.”

Purpose-oriented are supper purpose conscious
“How can I tell when I become purpose-oriented?” Ken inquired. “Purpose-oriented people use their purpose as a filter. Before they allow anything into their life/organization, or before they jump into anything worthwhile, they make sure that it aligns with their purpose. They use their purpose/mission as a measuring stick. Simply put, purpose-oriented people are super purpose conscious. When you become sensitive and use your purpose as a decisive factor before involving in any major task, then, you can tell that you began a purpose-oriented lifestyle.”

Ken immediately understood what I was trying to communicate. He recapped, “If I understand you correctly, everything someone does must be in line with his purpose in life to become a purpose-oriented person.” “Correct,” I agreed…

A few discovered their purpose early in life
“By the way,” I continued, “Only a few people found out their unique purpose at the early stage of their life. These individuals aligned everything they did with their purpose. They:

  • Attended a school (s) that equipped them to pursue their purpose,
  • Grabbed jobs and opportunities that provided them some opportunities in the pursuit of their purpose,
  • Formed relationships and alliances with people who shared their cause,
  • Established businesses and organizations that contributed to pursue and fulfill their purpose, and
  • Took leadership initiatives based on their purpose and passion.”

“These individuals must be lucky. I never met anyone like that in my life. It’s almost impossible to have such a clean start.” Ken concluded. I agreed with him that very few began this rewarding journey with a clean start. I conceded, “Unfortunately, the majority of us need to make lots of shifts before we begin leading a purpose-oriented lifestyle.”

Few are leading a purpose-oriented life
I further noted, “Yes, it is hard to lead a purpose-oriented lifestyle. However, once someone discovers his purpose, it becomes natural for that person to trim those things in his life that don’t add value to the accomplishment of his purpose. Not only that, he actively and proactively looks for relationships and opportunities that align with his purpose. He only takes leadership initiatives that contribute, directly or indirectly, toward the fulfillment of his purpose.”

Ken interjected, “Still these are minorities.” I admitted that the overwhelming majority is far away from leading this kind of a lifestyle. “For many- myself included, it takes years, and in some cases decades. But, it’s doable. I encourage you to focus on yourself, and what you can do. Begin small scale. Start from limiting what you add to your life and business. For those things that have already got into your space, trimming can wait. Hold on your scissors for now.” Ken laughed loudly. And, I joined him…

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