The need to see the completion of your purpose (excerpt)

Clearly seeing the completion of purpose

You may marvel and ask, why should I care about vision? I already know my purpose and pursuing it to secure a purpose-oriented greatness. Yes, a true greatness that endures is built on a worthwhile purpose as a solid foundation.

However, identifying and pursuing a purpose is the beginning of a long and protracted journey toward attaining an undeniable greatness. We shouldn’t be carried away at discovering a worthwhile purpose. We should sit down and clearly see the completion of the purpose.

‘Vision is the key to fulfilling your life’s purpose’

Myles Munroe was one of the great visionaries. He shared great insights in his book entitled ‘The Principles and Power of Vision’. In that book, he wrote, “Vision is the key to fulfilling your life’s purpose.” He was right. Vision supports the fulfillment of purpose at multiple levels:

  1. Vision to deepen understanding of the purpose

First of all, the process of visioning provides us a deeper understanding of the purpose itself. Knowing our individual purpose (and the mission of our organization) without envisioning is like being aware of the existence of a problem without knowing how to address it. Purpose shows you the:

  • Need,
  • Gap, or
  • Problem.

Visioning allows you to fully understand the need, gap, and/or problem the purpose addresses. It also empowers you to come up with strategies and approaches that enable you to:

  • Meet the need,
  • Bridge the gap, and/or
  • Solve the problem.

Purpose without vision is a handicap. With the discovery of a purpose, you just came to realize the existence of an issue, and you’re the right person (team/organization) to fix it. You need to tap into your innate ability to envision and understand the problem fully so that you could be able to address it.






This excerpt is taken from ‘The Highest Level of Greatness’ book pages 79 – 80.

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