Preface (Excerpt)


My obsession with greatness

Since the early nineties, unaware of the very reason why I was obsessed with greatness, my life has been dedicated in studying greatness and the great ones. However, I wasn’t interested just in any kind of greatness. My preoccupation was to understand the type of greatness that is fulfilling- a greatness that sustains and endures.

Let me make a quick confession. Back then, when I began the journey as a student of greatness, it didn’t occur to me that it was my assignment on earth to play my fair share in restoring the greatness of humanity one person at a time. For many years since then, I couldn’t fully explain why I was:

  • Fascinated to understand the greatness potential of humanity.
  • Driven to conduct research, study, and fully comprehend true greatness.
  • Passionate to inspire others to recognize that they are greatness material and meant to manifest greatness in their own unique way.

Restoring the greatness of humanity

Nowadays, however, I have enough clarity. I now know why I was so enthusiastic about true greatness. Today, I can explain why I had this inner drive. Restoring the greatness of humanity is at the center of my lifetime’s purpose.

Back then, since nothing in me and around me looks and sounds like any form of greatness, many were wondering why I was even talking about greatness. As I was left alone to stand up to such skeptics, I couldn’t even convince myself fully. So many times, I doubted whether I was the right person to crusade for humanity’s greatness. However, slowly but surely, after more than two decades, I now fully understand why I was preoccupied to invest my time and energy on this controversial and elusive concept, Greatness.

Follow your curiosity, it could be your purpose

The moral of the above story? When you develop curiosity about something, you should ask yourself a series of serious questions. For instance, ask yourself whether it’s something to do with your reason for existence. When you have a burden for something, even if others don’t care about it, question whether this could be due to the fact that you’re uniquely wired and designed to:

  • Address that issue,
  • Meet that need,
  • Solve that problem, and/or
  • Fill that gap.

Even if the inward witness you’re experiencing at the moment doesn’t make sense to you and others around you, don’t dismiss it quickly as irrelevant. Even though you couldn’t understand why you’re so obsessed with a thing fully, don’t downplay it right away. Follow your intuition. Give it ample time and check it out. Who knows, this thing could be your:

  • Assignment in life.
  • Purpose with which you serve your community, organization, and generation uniquely.
  • Ticket to attain enduring and fulfilling greatness.

Remember, you cannot achieve greatness and attain fulfillment without discovering and pursuing your unique purpose single-mindedly. Your purpose:

  • Is your competitive advantage.
  • Differentiates you from others.
  • Sets you apart.
  • Bestows on you favor.
  • Attracts the resources and connections you need to tap into your unlimited potential so as to unchain your greatness entrapped in you.




The above excerpt is taken from the upcoming book entitled ‘Unchain Your Greatness’ the opening section of the Preface (p. 1 – 2). The book will be available on Amazon next week. Stay tuned!

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