Know Your Wroth- Sunday June 10 @3 – 5 pm

Using the platform, I’m going to talk about how each and every woman has the potential to become one of the great world changers, how leadership is their birthright, and some of the skills necessary for women (of course, men too  to demonstrate confidence.

I’ll cover some of the soft skills necessary for women to succeed in the work and marketplaces such as communication and feedback giving. For instance, how to communicate like a pro, how to ask for a raise or promotion, and how to provide feedback. In the latter case, for example, how to provide feedback (without damaging the relationship) to a co-worker or boss, especially if you feel like he is crossing certain boundaries, and more.

The presentation is going to be motivational and at the same time interactive and dynamic. The contents and tools are taken from my latest two books (Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success, and The Highest Level of Greatness).

Men are also welcome! You may join us, or at least, invite your sisters, girlfriend, or spouse.

For details, please see the attached flyer.

Assegid Habtewold, Bridge Builder

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