Excerpt from the last part of the Preface (Unchain Your Greatness)





The pattern the great ones shared in common

My research revealed to me that the great ones we all adore left some unmistakable clues on how they achieved greatness in their own unique ways. Though they were from diverse cultures and different generations, they all had some commonalities. They:

  • Possessed a positive attitude and mindset,
  • Obsessed with their cause,
  • Remained curious and life-long learners,
  • Refrained from conforming,
  • Pushed themselves out of their comfort zone,
  • Were willing to fail,
  • Took risks, made profound changes, and so on.

Regardless of their unique passion and destiny, I figured out that the great ones followed the same path. There were some necessary steps they all took to release their greatness to the fullest. These steps are summarized and codified into four simple stages in this book.

As far as one follows the path the great ones followed, each and every individual has a chance to attain greatness during his/her lifetime. That is why I decided to write this book to share the ‘Unchaining Your Greatness’ process with the hope that readers like yourself may unchain their greatness to the fullest before they phase out from this planet by following the same pattern the great ones followed.

I’m persuaded that each one of us is destined to unchain our greatness. Irrespective of our ethnicity, race, age or gender, we’re greatness material. Achieving greatness is our birthright. The great ones we admire were where we’re today before they began their rewarding journey of greatness. This is now your turn to begin this worthwhile expedition.

However, I understand that attaining true greatness is a protracted journey. It requires continual growth, which needs constant reading, reflecting, acting, and learning from our experiences until we finish our journey by unchaining our greatness to the fullest. That is why I’ll continue to write more books and provide additional services to empower you until you unleash your greatness.

This book is specifically dedicated to giving you the model the great ones adopted. It’s your compass. You can follow the four straightforward steps the great ones took so that you too could join these few elites by:

  • Discovering what predisposes you to become great,
  • Stepping into your greatness by taking actions,
  • Enduring through continual setbacks, and
  • Finally releasing your greatness to the fullest.

The above excerpt is taken from the upcoming book entitled ‘Unchain Your Greatness’ the last section of the Preface (p. 5 – 6). The book will be available on Amazon next week. Stay tuned!


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