Excerpt (The Four Stages of Greatness)

The Four Stages of Greatness

Achieving greatness isn’t a mystery. It’s predictable. There hasn’t been any accidental great one in our history. All the great ones:

  • Trod on the same path,
  • Passed through certain stages, and
  • Embraced some timeless principles.

The various steps the great ones passed through can be summarized into four major phases (See Fig. 1). Let’s call them the 4E’s. The great ones passed through these four stages to unleash their greatness to the fullest. They:

  1. Explored. The great ones examined and found out that they were greatness material. They explored and discovered what made them prone to become great. In their exploration journey, they came face to face with who they indeed were, and why they were on earth at that particular time and space in history.

This is the most critical stage. If one fails to pass this phase successfully, there is no need to talk about unchaining one’s greatness. The enemies at this stage are:

  • Ignorance,
  • Faulty myths, and
  • Wrong beliefs that may stop us from exploring to find out that we are meant to be great.

Two important facts one should know at this initial phase:

  • We cannot unleash what we have not discovered, and
  • The depth of one’s discovery determines the height of greatness one can attain.












Fig. 1: Unchaining Your Greatness (the 4E’s) process

2. Enacted on their discoveries. The great ones immediately took bold actions based on their discoveries. By taking massive actions, they activated their greatness. They stepped into their greatness. They began the journey toward greatness right away without waiting too long before their discoveries expired.





The above excerpt is taken from ‘The Four Stages of Greatness’ part of the upcoming book entitled ‘Unchain Your Greatness’ (p. 14 – 15).

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