New book is dedicated to Dr. Abiy Ahmed- an emerging great one


As a result of three reasons, this book is dedicated to an emerging great one- Abiy Ahmed, who was selected to become the new Prime Minister of Ethiopia on April 2, 2018. First, since his appointment, the young charismatic leader has taken very bold actions that have inspired the whole nation. On June 23, more than four million Ethiopians took to the streets of Addis and gathered at Meskel Square to show solidarity and also admire the steps he has taken since his inauguration. I couldn’t be in Addis to join hands with my fellow Ethiopians. By dedicating this book to him, this is my small way of joining the millions back home in Ethiopia and around the world honoring the newly minted leader.

By the way, this isn’t an endorsement to Ahmed’s political party nor its policies and programs. I dedicated this book to acknowledge the great steps he has taken thus far to save the country from chaos, further bloodshed, and disintegration. Ethiopia and its people were in the wilderness for decades. The coming to the helm of power of Ahmed brought the country back to the light, even if Ethiopians aren’t yet in their Promised Land. The country was on the brink of collapse just prior to his selection. Within a short period of time, he restored the dignity of the office of the Prime Minister and true Ethiopianism.

Second, I also share his beliefs and leadership principles. He embodies almost everything I write and speak about leadership. He is a great example of the greatness concept that I’ve been evangelizing. From his past performances, speeches, interviews, and the actions he has taken, there remains no question he explored and discovered who he truly is, the unlimited potential he carries, and his life’s purpose. He is also a visionary and values-driven. Speaking to visionary, Ahmed wasn’t surprised at all when he became the next Prime Minister at a relatively young age. He has done his homework, envisioned taking the highest office in the land, and proactively prepared to serve his nation with extraordinary excellence. As the saying goes, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’, Ahmed was the right fit when the country was searching for the next Prime Minister. Not only he explored to discover some fundamental truths about human potential and well-versed and articulate about so many important affairs of life including personal development, leadership, and politics but he also is a man of action. For sure, he had overcome so many challenges before he reached this high. These show you that Ahmed has followed the Unchaining Your Greatness process discussed in this book. Though he hasn’t yet completed the whole process, he has advanced on the process heading to finish it strong.

Third, if one competent leader and his team could bring this paradigm shift within a short period of time, you can imagine what would happen when more Ethiopian leaders have his kind of mindset, attitude, dedication, personality, and character. That is why when I saw an emerging great one, I rewarded him with a little recognition I can give in order that others may emulate him so that the country may have multitudes of leaders at all levels and in every sector. The nation needs more individuals like him and this book provides insights, approaches, and stories to empower those who would like to join what the new Prime Minister is doing to restore the dignity of the country, defeat poverty, uphold justice, establish the rule of law, democracy, and so on.

Please note that even if you’re not an Ethiopian, there are great lessons you may learn from this young and emerging great one. Your country may have different kinds of challenges than Ethiopia. Your purpose and vision in life may not be similar to his. You may not share his values. That is okay. We all aren’t cut from the same cloth. However, we can learn from one another. We don’t need to start our greatness journey from scratch. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We should learn from diverse great ones from different cultures, religions, age groups, industries, and customize the lessons to fit our objective conditions so that we too may attain our glorious destiny and claim our birthright of greatness during our lifetime in our unique ways.

The above content is taken from Unchain Your Greatness book ‘Dedication’ part (p. 175 – 176).

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